All About Smartphones: How To Make Your Blackberry Perform Faster

Friday, December 14, 2012

How To Make Your Blackberry Perform Faster

Its really annoying when a smartphone lags and hangs. One particular smartphone that have such issue is the Blackberry device. I have used an Android device and am currently using an iOS device and non of this phones hangs and lags like the blackberry device.
While this is an issue from RIM, users also have their own addition to the problem.
Hopefully, Blackberry 10 will not have this issue of lagging and hanging.

However, there are ways to reduce how often this hanging and lagging happens.
Just follow these few tips offered below and you will see considerable change in the performance of your Blackberry device.

1. Phone Logs
Phone logs take quite a good number of memory space. For those that make calls a lot, the problem can even be compounded. This is because call logs stay on their phones like forever. Some even have logs of 3years.
Anyways, take the time to delete your call logs, both missed, received and made calls.

2. Messages
Messages - SMS, BBM, Whatsapp, emails etc takes a good sum of space on the phone too.
This will also impact on  the performance of the device especially when rebooting the device.
When there are too much messages and logs, it will take a longer time to boot up the phone.
So, do away with old text message, BBM messages etc.
For emails, you can choose to only delete from device and not delete the mail completely.

3. Device Logs
Most action performed on your device are recorded just as PCs do.
Some of these logs are error logs in case you have issues with your device and you want to know what the problem is.
However, some of these logs become so outdated and huge and are now taking up space on your.
Clear out this log by going to your home screen, hold the "alt" key and press "lglg". This will take you to an "Event Log" screen. Click the Menu key and select Clear Log.

4. Memory Card
Most Blackberry device comes with 4GB memory card. With the amount of music, videos and picture stored on the memory card, leaving the memory card with only small amount of space will impact negatively on the performance of the device.
Consequently, you are advised to delete pictures, videos and music you no longer value.
Alternatively, you can increase your memory card space to 8GB.

5. Unused Apps
Many apps are sometimes just downloaded on the phone even though they have not seen usage in the past 1 yr. There is no reason for it to be there if you won't use it.
So, if you don't need it or use it in a long time, it is better you delete the app and free up space on your device. At any time you need it, you can reinstall the app again for use and later discard. This way you maximize the limited space and memory available to your device.

6. Upgrade to the latest OS version
This is the final tip. Sometimes, it is usually great to update your device OS to the most recent. This is because bugs would have been fixed and performance would have been made better. When updated, device would perform smoother and battery life may even be extended.
However, if you don't know how to update your OS, give to someone that can. visit for more info on OS and updates

When you have made use of all the tips stated above, reboot your device ('alt+right shift+del') and see how fast your device will boot up and also note the performance of the device for a while.

Make do with these tips and lets know what you think

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  1. Thank you very much. My phone performs faster now!


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