All About Smartphones: Alternatives To Installous After iOS6.x Untetherd Jailbreak

Friday, February 1, 2013

Alternatives To Installous After iOS6.x Untetherd Jailbreak

Alternatives Apps To Take Installous' Place
It's being weeks now since Puy0 dropped the bombshell that his team is shutting down Hackulous and stopping support for the popular Installous app on most jailbroken idevices.
While this is a good thing for some folks like app developers and Apple but it's not good for those that like to test out apps before purchasing. Also, some people that like cracked apps will also feel the jolt of not having Installous anymore.

iOS6.1 untethered jailbreak on iPhones iPods and iPads have been achieved with the help of the Evasi0n tool, the need for installation of cracked apps and Cydia apps have increased more than ever. Although, Installous in no more, there are a couple of alternatives out there that will fill the space that Installous left behind.
These alternatives are stated below.
It should be noted that this is note to encourage piracy and the use of cracked applications but for educational purposes and also for the majority of people that would want to test out an app before going to spend their dollars in purchasing an app that might turn out shitty or great.

For you to have these alternative Installous apps, you are required to jailbreak your device (iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, iPod and iPad on iOS 4.x or higher).
The following are alternatives to Installous that can be installed to your device.
  • Appcake
  • Vshare
  • HIPStore
  • IPAstore

To install Appcake:
Open Cydia > Manage > sources. Select Edit and then Add. Next enter the repo Click on Add Source. Cydia will proceed to downloading the archives. Once downloaded, open the downloaded repo and you can download AppCake+.

For vShare, all you need to do is add the repo and then you can download vShare to your device

Alternatively, you can also download apps from websites like, torrents sites etc and then transfer into your device using iFunbox, iTools etc and then install on your device.
Provided you have AppSync for your device OS version installed, the downloaded apps will work well.

Immediately you test out the installed app and feel satisfied with the product, you can then delete and purchase the original version from App Store or Cydia.

Well, I hope you enjoy these alternative apps to Installous

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