All About Smartphones: Reality of 2013 For Apple Users and Technology Industry

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Reality of 2013 For Apple Users and Technology Industry

First of all I will congratulate you all by saying a happy new year.
I will go straight to the point by saying that as of 2013 we do know that there is no jailbreak for A5 devices on iOS 6 wether tethered or untethered.
Also, there is only tethered jailbreak for A4 devices running iOS 6. Only old bootrom 3GS on iOS 6 can be jailbroken untethered.
Since September that iOS 6 was released there is still no luck for it to be released for newer devices. There may be mo jailbreak for newer Apple devices running iOS 6 ad its been said that iOS 6.1 IS even more secured than 6.0.1.
Furthermore, as of this writing, Hackulous is no longer existing which means that Installous isn't available to download anymore from Cydia.
Consequently, anyone with a newly jailbroken iDevice won't be able to install Installous on their devices.
Another reality is that is also no more functioning and that means that you can't download cracked illegal apps via that channel.
I will like to suggest to you that you should beware of false websites saying that they offer untethered iOS 6 jailbreak for all devices. You are advice to wait for the usual suspects to release the jailbreak officially.
On a concluding note for Apple devices, it seems as though the future of jailbreaking Apple devices is not too certain and you all should look forward for more high tech gadgets like iPhone 5S, iWatch etc in 2013.

For Android devices, we know that rooting will still continue and the Android OS will get even smoother and better. Also devices like Samsung will step up the game even more than before.
We are to expect Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4, etc
Furthermore, Blackberry 10 is set to debut for Jan 30th this year.
RIM is poised to compete fiercely in the smartphone industry this year.
I shall not forget to mention Nokia and HTC who all have big things in the works for 2013

In all, we are set for a serious competition in the smartphone market especially with the intended release of Mozilla OS.

In all, we shall all be alive to see how all these unfolds ad the year progresses Happy new year folks and lets look forward to a highly dynamic technology industry.

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