All About Smartphones: How To Make Free Calls Between Blackberry Phones

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How To Make Free Calls Between Blackberry Phones

Smartphones are as useful as the number of powerful applications that are available. This is one place that both Android devices and Apple devices beat other kinds of devices. Recently, Windows Phone Store is picking up in terms the numbers of apps in its store. Blackberry App store is also in the race.

For Android and Apple devices, there are lots of VoIP apps to make free calls, but when it comes to Blackberry devices, you have almost nothing of such. One would have thought that with the success of the BBM,  it would be easy to have VoIP apps in large numbers to take advantage of this feature, but none until Blackberry announces its own VoIP app which was integrated with the BBM and can only work with Blackberry devices.

However, there is a new app by the name of TringMe that posses to change that. This app allows you to make free calls to fellow TringMe users for free. Also, you can buy credits to call those that are not on TringMe. 
This app is available for Android and Blackberry devices and is also accessible from your copmputer. In fact it is very good for those that want to travel.

Follow these steps to get TringMe on your device, set up and start making those calls

  1. Blackberry Device or Android Device
  2. Internet Connection
  3. 3G or WiFi network
Process of Installation

  1. On your phone stock web browser go to
  2. Click on Download on Phone at the left side of the page as shown above
  3. Click on Download depending on your device as shown above
  4. Click Download and let the installation complete itself
  5. Application will run, grant it permission as needed.
  6. follow instructions to set up your number and you are good to go.

    Once you successfully install and app is up and running, you would see your number which you can edit to look like your original number.
    This is you can do in the options menu as shown below.

    This app work best with WiFi connectivity. Drop your comments to notify of the usability of the app and if you encounter any problem in using it.

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