All About Smartphones: Release Date for BBM for Android and iPhone

Monday, June 10, 2013

Release Date for BBM for Android and iPhone

Since the announcement that Blackberry messenger for android and iPhone are on the way for release this year by Blackberry CEO, people have become edgy and are seriously awaiting this release.
In fact, the popular question i keep hearing is "is it out yet?"

The popular rumor flying on the Internet right now is that BBM is scheduled to be released for June 27 (3wks time). 
This rumor was as a result of someone from T-Mobile UK putting up a tweet during the weekend that Blackberry would release BBM for June 27th 2013.

However, Blackberry (RIM) have stated that they have no plan to release BBM at the said date and that its only a rumor. 

Already, testing of the messaging app is on going as shown by the images below.
One is Samsung Galaxy S3 and the other is iPhone 4S.

Galaxy S3 running the BBM app

iPhone 4S running bbm

We are speculating that this app may be ready for release come early July.

Also, there's high probability that it won't be a life time free offer like the ones on Blackberry devices and maybe charged yearly just like Whatsapp for Android and iPhone users. 

What do you think about BBM for android and iPhone? Share your opinions by dropping your comments.


  1. Replies
    1. A lot of people are just waiting eagerly for it to drop.

  2. Well, the question is, is it REALLY going to drop?

    I have already shelved my BB for a Samsung in preparation.


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