All About Smartphones: iOS 7 beta 3 Download Links

Monday, July 8, 2013

iOS 7 beta 3 Download Links

Apple have released iOS 7 beta 3 today and comes with  a lot of fixes and enhancements to beta 2 previously released a coupled of weeks ago.

As always, you will need developer account to download and install to your devices.
Also,  iOS 7 beta 3 is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod devices.

Furthermore,  Apple released log file for the changes and alterations made to iOS 7 beta 2 to arrive at iOS 7 beta 3.

One thing is clear. Apple is focusing on re-branding the iOS platform rather than innovating new features. However when iPhone 5S becomes available with finger print scanning along with  other features,  the true power hidden in iOS 7 would be seen.

For download link to all supported devices, click here 

For a full change log of iOS 7 beta 3, click the link

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