All About Smartphones: iPhone 5S and Budget iPhone Launch Date

Friday, July 26, 2013

iPhone 5S and Budget iPhone Launch Date

Apple is really gearing up to make sure that the next iPhone (iPhone 5S) and the low-budget iPhone gets released to the public by before summer end. In actual fact, from a source which we can vouch its credibility, Friday September 6th seems the time these devices would be finally unveiled.

According to the information which emanated from a German site, the statement reads:

The next-generation iPhone will be according to our information on 6 September come on the market. In addition to that day, “two new types of devices” to be available – and thus are not two different color variations or memory meant. This information can reach us from a very credible and serious source.

It is known that iPhone 5S and low-budget iPhone would be shipped with iOS 7 and may also include a finger print sensor. 

Apple is taking gesture and security to a whole new level with its upcoming devices. This we observed from the settings embedded in iOS 7 which allows a user to control the phone by nodding and shaking of the head.

Its also possible that the finger print sensor would serve more as a deterrent to erasing of an iPhone 5S by an unauthorized person. This would in fact make it difficult to either sell a stolen iPhone 5S or erase a stolen iPhone 5S. This would in turn reduce the high rates newer generation iDevices would be stolen.

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