All About Smartphones: Why Apple and Samsung Are Kicking Ass In The Smartphone Market

Monday, July 15, 2013

Why Apple and Samsung Are Kicking Ass In The Smartphone Market

Striving for success and gaining success is one thing, however keeping and holding on to that success is another thing; one that often requires huge amount of energy even sometimes exceeding the energy used to get to that vantage point.

The term "Energy" is defined as money invested, Research & Development, innovation and dedication to true customer satisfaction.

While Apple and Samsung may have strived and attained success in the smartphone industry, keeping hold of that success is a daunting challenge. One they address every second of the time using different models. 
Am sure they learnt from the mistakes of the Fallen heroes: Blackberry, Nokia, Erricson and even Motorola.

The reason for even far more energy spent on sustaining success isn't too far fetched considering the plethora of other companies trying to attain that pinnacle of success at the expense of the downfall of the new big names either by copying innovation or using advertising to try and bully the competing company. 

Example is Google who have announced that it would be spending half a million dollars to promote is new Moto X smartphone to make sure that those intending to get iPhone 5S will consider theirs.

Yet another example is Nokia, seriously promoting the Lumia 1020 with all the energy they can muster using the 41mp camera it's equipped with to lure in customers from Samsung, Apple, Blackberry etc while also offering incentives to developers.

Most of the energy supplied into sustaining success go into serious R&D, Marketing and of course employing lawyers with high credibility to fight off patent violators.
Smartphone companies that have failed to supply the needed energy to sustain success either due  to neglect or due to overconfidence in their state, have found themselves retrogressing seriously or non-existent. An example of such companies include the likes of Blackberry, Motorola, Sagem, Sony Ericsson and even Nokia. This you can quickly observe from the rate at which their stock price is rapidly plummeting.

Companies that have taken the time to expend a lot of energy, have not only see growth but also relevance which is also obvious from their stock price at the stock market. Example include HTC

The truth is that the strive is never over. In fact the battle for greatness is just getting started.

Any company that intend to attain and maintain success must keep on striving like there's no tomorrow expending energy because, the battle is even more fierce at the top than ever before and only the rugged and strong can survive that war. Any slight hesitation to improve on something can send one to the gallows.

Obviously, this applies to our everyday life as individuals and we should also borrow from the experiences in the smartphone industry from both the fallen kings, the rise of peasants to the throne and the continual struggle of the average men to attain greatness and stay at that the vantage point.

Success is not cheap and maintaining success is even more expensive.

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