Saturday, August 24, 2013

How to Block Unwanted Persons From Calling, Texting or Sending VoiceMail

For one reason or the other, one may need to unfriend, runaway or stop talking to someone. It might even be a crazy Ex or someone you gave your number to mistakenly and now you don't want this person to call you anymore because its becoming a nightmare. Or perhaps the pain of seeing his or name is too much for you to bear.

Well, there is a nice Android app to help you forget that contact or number in a "graveyard", making the person "Dead to You"

This app is called Dead2Me Call & Text Blocker.
With this app, you can block a number from texting or calling you. Blocking the contact will remove that contact from your phone book list so that you don't even see the name.

The app uses words like bury and resurrect. When you bury a number, the number can't get through to you and when you are in a better mood you can resurrect the number again.  

One nice feature is that it can also make it impossible for buried numbers to send you voice message by going deep into its 'settings' menu.
The app is lightweight, free of charge and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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