All About Smartphones: New App "PEEK" Conducts Diagnostic Eye Test Using Your Phone

Friday, August 16, 2013

New App "PEEK" Conducts Diagnostic Eye Test Using Your Phone

It is amazing what our smartphones are capable off. Apart from the fact that they can be distractions to our daily lives with the numerous games, social media apps, they can also be a blessing to numerous people around the world.

PEEK – a smart-phone based system for comprehensive eye examinations in even the remotest of settings. It is easy to use, affordable and portable.

This application is a full eye test centre on your phone. In the comfort of your space, you can do an eye test. This is especially useful in areas where eye test centres are not within reach or even expensive to use.

As of now,
  • 285 million people worldwide are visually impaired
  • 39 million of these people are blind
  • 80% of blindness is avoidable
  • 90% of blind people live in low-income countries
PEEK seek to address the issue of early testing of eye defects to avoid blindness or other eye problems.

PEEK is ale to do the following:
  • Patient record with Geo-tagging
  • Visual Acuity
  • Visual field testing
  • Colour Vision Testing
  • Contrast Sensitivity Testing
  • Lens imaging for cataract
  • Retinal Imaging
  • Image grading
 ...and more developments in  the works

This is outstanding and it only tells us that our smartphones are capable of a lot of things that we have not even imagined yet especially in the medical profession e.g Pregnancy Test apps, brain scanning apps, x-ray and so much more.

For more information on how to get PEEK, follow this link

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