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Monday, September 23, 2013

The cause of Death: Rise of Smartphones

Laptop computers just like Desktop computers are nearing their inevitable end. Some years back, Laptops gave a dashing blow to the Desktop computers that made them look inferior and weak after so many years of trust and love by consumers.

Even though, Laptops were replacing desktop computers in a way, desktop computers still had a place in homes and offices and will still do for some years to come. The victory was to laptops but not for long as new set of devices known as Smartphones are becoming more rampant thereby forcing laptops to take the position of desktop computers.

As already observed  by the consistent dwindling in the sales of popular laptop computers like HP, Dell, Acer etc,  soon enough Laptop computers would be pronounced dead and the cause of death is obviously the rise of Smartphones.

When this happens, most laptops will sit on the tables at home and would be used indoors.

Smartphones are the big boys in town. It can do a lot of things the laptop can do and in the near future it may be possible to do everything a laptop or desktop can do seeing how Apple created the first 64bit processing chip on the iPhone 5S and 5C.

Samsung in a statement have said that come next year, they would be the first to create a 128bit processor to run on mobile devices.

What these means is that these smartphones would be able to totally function like a PC or laptop. For example, the Ubuntu OS for smartphones can run like a desktop when connected to a screen and would display like a PC; that is a smartphone that is also a PC.

Now tell me, isn't the smartphone a bad guy? The likes of Apple and Samsung already giving smartphones 8 processors (making laptops very jealous), 3GB of RAM and expanding internal memory to 128GB. These companies will even make the smartphone powerful in coming years and of course by then, Laptops and Desktops would be long gone in history.

So after this era of smartphone kills the era of laptops and desktops computers, what will kill smartphone's era? Maybe the era of the likes of Google Glass.

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