All About Smartphones: How To Fix iMessage Activation Issues on iOS 7

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How To Fix iMessage Activation Issues on iOS 7

Day in day out, people use Apple's iMessage service to get in touch and sending of messages. It becomes very easy to totally rely on this means of communication if all friends are iPhone users. consequently it can become very frustrating and alarming if one can't get messages sent through iMessage as its the case lately after iOS 7 upgrade.

This problem is due to Apple servers having a hard time activation the iMessage service on troubled devices. To fix this, the following workaround have been offered.

1. Go to Settings/Messages and then check if the phone number and Apple ID mail address displayed is actually the right one.

2. Sign out of the Apple ID and then sign in back or sign in with a totally different Apple ID if you have another one.

3. Now, once you are signed in, toggle iMessage OFF and then a few seconds and then toggle ON again.

4. If this still fails to solve the iMessage issue, go to Settings/General/Reset  and tap on "Reset Network Settings". This will reset all network settings including WiFi passwords etc. reboot and check if iMessage is fixed

5.  The final resort if all this fails is to reload the iOS firmware again. Backup device, remove any existing backups of any other Apple device that has been backed up on the computer or use a fresh computer. This is to avoid conflict when restoring backups as iTunes tends to mix up numbers of existing backups.

Reload iOS and then setup your iMessage. Make sure SIM card is present in the device when restoring from backup.

According to Apple, they are aware of the issue and working tirelessly to bring a fix in the near future.

Let us know if the above tips helped or what you did right and different that worked.

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