All About Smartphones: How To Install and Activate Your BBM on Your iPhone and Android

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How To Install and Activate Your BBM on Your iPhone and Android

By now, almost everyone knows that BBM for Android and iPhones is already available for some in some parts of the world and will be available to others within days. 

If you had downloaded yours on your device but don't know how to get it activated, follow the steps in this guide.

1. BlackBerry ID which you can register from here
2. Supported Android or iPhone 
Note: Direct download link for BBM for Android can be found here


1. The first thing is to download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store depending on your device type.

2. After downloading and installing, launch the BBM app and you will be presented with a screen to enter your Email address if you initially registered an email to be among the first people to get the app. On doing this, you would get the above screen. 

3. If you have a BlackBerry ID, input it in the provided space. If you don't, register a new one.
Note: entering the same BlackBerry ID on another BBM account will log you out from BBM on the initial BlackBerry phone. Therefore, if you wish to have BBM work on your multiple devices, you would need to have separate BlackBerry ID on all your devices.

4. On successfully signing in with your BlackBerry ID, you will get your pin which  you can use to invite friends or continue to BBM as seen in the image below.

5. Now you can start using your BBM immediately, put your profile display and personal message as you wish.

Are you still confused on how to set up your BBM on your iPhone and Android device? Drop a comment and we would try to help you solve it. 

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  1. Very helpful. How do I move my BBM contacts from my Blackberry to BBM on my new Andriod?

    1. If you use the same BB Id currently on your BB you would be logged out of bbm on your BB but the contacts will appear on your Android phone.

  2. After exhausting my daily or monthly data plan, if i activate a BB plan, will it translate to data plan for the entire android phone operations

    1. If you subscribe to a data plan for your smartphone, it works for every app on your device; not only for the bbm. However, if you do a bb plan like bis and bes, they may not work on your android smartphone. As far as i known, BB plans for BB may not work on your android phone.

  3. I am changing hand set from Samsung s3 to iPhone6. Can I use the same BBid in the old Samsung to the new iPhone?

    1. No. You get w new bbm pin but your contacts are synced

  4. Am still confused on how to set up a bbm accounts


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