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Friday, November 1, 2013

Download the Best iOS Managing Software

Wondershare MobileGo Smartphone manager is one the best smartphone managers out there and the one for iOS is particularly outstanding. 

There are various kinds of smartphone manager out there and for the most part some are poorly designed, some are good while a very few ones are just great.

If you are looking for a smartphone manager that is great, one that will help you manage contacts, videos, audios, images, backups, SMS syncs and even help you switch devices, then I would recommend Wondershare MobileGo having used consistently for about 2 years now.

At first I used it to efficiently manage my Symbian device back in the day and presently using it to manage my Android and iOS devices.

Latest Wondershare for iOS v3.3.1 is even better and this one will do everything you want, didn't know you can do and make life easier. We all know how notorious it can become if you try to transfer files from an iOS device that isn't authorized on a computer, all the previous files may be wiped out completely. so its usually better to use an alternative iOS device manager like Wondershare for iOS.

What can Wondershare for iOS do for you? check out the list below.

  • Transfer songs, videos, playlists, iTunes, Podcasts to & from Your PC and iTunes.
  • Copy photos & albums to and from Your PC & iDevice.
  • Manage contacts: Import,export, remove duplicates & sync with Outlook.
  • Load your iDevice with music and video incompatible with iTunes.
  • 100% compatible with iOS 7 and support iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4S, iPod touch 5, iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod shuffle, iPad mini, The New iPad, & more.
  • Play songs and videos directly from Wondershare just like you would do with iTunes.

As if that isn't enough, you can also do the following with Wondershare for iOS.
  • Backup your iCloud, Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo! and iPhone’s contacts onto a vCard or CSV (Excel) file on the PC.
  • Import/Export contacts to/from vCard file(s), Outlook Express, Windows Address Book, Windows Live Mail and Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013.
  • Merge duplicate contacts on your iPhone’s memory, iCloud, Gmail and other accounts with zero data loss.
  • Directly add or edit iPhone’s contacts and split them into different groups from the PC.
  • Save text messages, MMS & iMessages with its attachments as a HTML/XML/TXT file on the PC so you can easily print it out later. 
This smartphone manager gives you the power to efficiently manage all your iOS devices without problems, and if you wish to change computer, you can always go to the Wondershare folder to copy all your stuffs into a hard disk and move to your new computer; all files intact!

Download Wondershare for iOS here for a free trial and see how well it works.

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  1. Good evening Mr. Akin, I just bought the phantom A+ two weeks ago after d previous one am using was stolen. I discovered that anytime I sign into Google play or wen playing game. A pop-up window will appear telling comm.Google.process.gapp has stopped thereby making the phone to hang. I've even returned the fone to calcare yet the situation is still the same. Have also tried d factory reset too. It didn't work. Was contemplating on rooting it and changing d OS to Samsung s4 tutorial u uploaded some months ago. So I don't know if the problem will b solved like that. I need ur help us. To even snap pix with it is anoda problem it kip seizing anytime coz of dis issue. Need ur advice plzz

    1. Good Evening Badru,
      For a phone that is this new to be giving you so much problems, my advice to you is to demand for a replacement of the phone from Calcare.

      However, if you want to go the way of installing a custom rom, I believe you know the risks involved. If something goes wrong, warranty won't be there to help you.

      Finally, sometimes, the issue with gapps, may sometimes be solved by enabling download manager from the Settings/App options.

      If the custom rom is the way, please feel free to read the article, download all necessary files and visit the embedded links for additional info, especially from the original thread from Nairaland.

      If you encounter any problems, I could point you to the wrong direction.

    2. Thanks so much. I've also tried the download manager option too, it only display disable thereby making it difficult for me too enable it.
      The issue of the custom ROM, I have it installed on the previous fone.
      Thought, calcare don't do replacement of phone. Will give it a trial tomorrow.
      Really appreciate your kind gesture. Keep the good work up. May God crown all ur efforts with success.

    3. Amen sir. Glad to be of assistance


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