All About Smartphones: How To Free Up Internal Memory Space On Android Phone

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How To Free Up Internal Memory Space On Android Phone

Is your Android phone internal memory space running low? Don't worry, there is a fix for it and its pretty easy. 

Having experienced it myself, I looked for solutions to it and I got a few tricks that works. 

The steps to fix this issue are highlighted below. 

1. One of the ways to free up space is to move apps to SD card.  You can do this in the simplest way or in a more cumbersome way.

The simple way is to download App2SD (App Mgr III) app on Google Play Store (it needs your phone to be rooted for it to work).
Once installed, it will show you various apps installed on your phone internal storage and SD card storage. It will also show lists of apps that can be moved to SD card, those that can't be moved and the percentages of free space left on both memory types as indicated in the images below.

Now all you have to do is tap on any apps listed in the "Movable" section and move these apps that are movable to your SD card. This will free up space on your internal memory.

The cumbersome way which would bring you finally to the place to move apps to your choice storage is to go to Settings/Apps, click on individual app to see if you can move it to SD card. If you can move to SD card, just tap on Move to SD storage or Phone Storage as applied to your device.

Its cumbersome because you have to check each app one after the other to know if its movable or not. If its not movable, it would be greyed out and you won't be able to click on "Move to Phone Storage" button.

2. Another thing that eats internal memory space is apps cache, especially those apps that aren't movable to SD card, high volume SMS messages, voluminous call logs and browser history and caches. 

To fix this, just download an app called 1 Tap Cleaner (free in Google Play Store). Once it's downloaded, launch and click on History. This would bring up a window which you can then clear history etc. 

You can do same for Call log/text message or just click on Clear All to allow the app automatically work its magic. Once this is done, you would notice a sizable space on your internal memory. 

3. Finally, we are all in the habit of installing apps that we hardly use or don't use at all.
Try and uninstall apps you don't need, especially those apps in internal memory alone. Apps in external memory also have ties and data in the internal memory. Therefore, having too much apps on the SD will tell on the Internal Memory too. You should remove apps that are  not too useful.

Now assuming you have done all the steps above, you should have some space on your internal memory. But, if you still have serious issues on your phone internal memory, your final step is to reset the phone. This would return the phone to factory settings so that all the junks clogging the internal memory are wiped out. 
Ideally, only the internal memory files would be removed, all SD files will remain.

In other to reset, go to Settings, scroll down and click on Backup & Reset and then click on Factory data reset, finally, click on Reset phone.

Once the device is reset, you phone will reboot and be as new.

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  1. how do i get ma tecno a plus rooted nd wah r d advantages of rooted ones to normal one????....reply asap plz!

  2. Dont root ur phone Fesomade, it isnt necessary! u will loose ur phone waranty if u do it... Most pple who root their phones are pple who help others in fixing their phones and in downloading stuffs......

  3. Rooting basically removes limitations placed on an Android phone by manufacturer.
    The advantage to rooting your phone is that you would have opportunity to download apps that can only work on rooted phones. These apps are quite powerful and very useful but they need to have full permission for them to function. However, its not particular necessary to root your phone. As Paul as said, you would lose your warranty.

    Also, your phone is prone to malware and external attack and finally, if you install an app that it potentially unstable, it could brick your phone completely. SO when you have a rooted phone, you must shine your eyes before you install anything on it, especially font changing apps.

  4. thanks phone does not have an external sd......where am i suppose to move the apps too??

    1. Check Settings/Storage to see the memory you've got. A non removable storage I believe but separate from the internal memory. Move the apps to that non removable external storage.

  5. Wonderful.....i really appreciate....#bighugs#

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  7. All the options here are only temporary. You can have a permanent solution by editing the ebr files. See my blog for full details. I now have 4gb internal space on my tecno G9 tablet.

  8. I want to root my galaxy j5 smj500g.. plz guide

  9. I want to root my galaxy j5 smj500g.. plz guide

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  11. By cleaning up unwanted files from Android phones, more free space will be saved on your Android device, so you can free us internal memory space on Android phone.


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