All About Smartphones: How To Make Siri Read Your Emails and iMessages

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How To Make Siri Read Your Emails and iMessages

Siri is great but can be even better when it can read your emails and iMessages, thanks to iOS 7

One thing is that, sometimes our hands could be so busy its not ready to pick up a call or read a message when a message or an email comes in. However, during this time when our hands are busy, you can get Siri to read your emails and iMessages for you with very minute hand interaction.

To read your email, click and hold the home button to enable personal assistant, and then say, "Read my email". Siri will sk you to unlock your phone if its password protected and then start reading your mail for you. 

Siri will announce the name of the sender and the date it was received and then proceed to reading every content of the email.

After reading is completed, Siri will ask you if you want to reply the email. You can say "Yes" or "No". If you say "yes", Siri will take your voice dictation and reply the email for you.

The same goes for iMessage only in this case, you ask Siri to Read your iMessage.

There you go fellas, with iOS 7, Siri became more productive and engaging.

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