All About Smartphones: How To Unbrick tecno A+

Monday, November 18, 2013

How To Unbrick tecno A+

Somehow, you did install some apps after rooting your Tecno A+ and then it bricked, you started sweating, your heart beat increases. Don't worry, it can be fixed, huge thanks to Seun Payne. You can visit his blog here for more personal info
Needed Items
1. Stock rom for phantom A+: Download Here

2. Specific flashtool that works on A+: Download Here

3. Drivers for the A+: Here (I would advice that you uninstall any previous drivers for any Tecno you have installed as they might cause a conflict. Or download the zipped file directly here

If you don't know how to install drivers with the .exe file, follow the link in this tutorial.

To test if your drivers are working properly, with the phone off, open your computer's device manager and plug the phone. you should see "Mediatek preloader..." come up for about 5 seconds and disappear. if it shows with a yellow arrow on it then the drivers are not installed correctly. If it doesn't have the yellow arrow then you are good to go.)

DISCLAIMER: Follow THESE instructions and Download THESE files for TECNO PHANTOM A+ only. I will not be held for any mishap caused by instructions followed from somewhere else.

1. Open the folder where you downloaded the files (everything must be in d same folder)

2. Cut the scatter file out and paste it in another place (anywhere, just make sure its not in the same folder as the other files). The scatter file is the text document starting with MT6589...

3. Open sp flash tools and use the file tab and click Open Scatter Loading File to load DAT scatter file. remember to copy d cwm recovery and overwrite d recovery inside the folder
  Now it should show you a list of things to flash. check only recovery, uboot and system (that means only these 3 should be ticked, see the images). 

5. Now double click on d word recovery and select d cwm recovery you copied there. please make sure everything is in d same folder. Do the same for the uboot and system image u downloaded.

3. Remove the bat3 from the bricked A+. Click download in sp flash tools and plug the bricked f7. flashing will begin and when it ends you should see a green circle. if it doesn't start den remove and plug again. if you try three times and it doesn't flash then you didn't install the drivers correctly.

4. If you see the green circle then congrats you have successfully flashed your phone. now please first things first, after you finish patting yourself on the back about what a wonderful guru you are. put off the phone and wait for it to vibrate. the hold the volume up button and press and hold the power button until it shows you three options. use the volume button to navigate to recovery mode and use the volume down button to select it. cwm should boot. now please backup your phone.

Thank you guys...its been a pleasure.

This is a totally Seun Payne handwork. You can reach him on his blog from this link


  1. can i use the drivers here for my infinix x530....if no...where can i get them..?

  2. Please bro.still waiting for your help on tecno M3.GOD BLESS YOU.

  3. pls direct me on how to install the drivers. there is no exe. file

    1. Download the files to a folder, go to device manager, look for d caution sign for the A+, right click and then select Update Driver Software, click Browse my computer for driver software, point it to the downloaded driver folder

  4. I tried to unbrick my A+
    [EMI] Enable DRAM Failed!
    [HINT]:Please check your load matches to your target which is to be download.

    please help me the whole day have not eaten sitting right here :)

    1. You are probably selecting the wrong file for a particular target file. Make sure you have the right files and the right file are selected when clicking on the properties you want to flash.

    2. Thank you Uncle for your reply, actually i watched Seun Payne`s video tutorial and he has different files from what i dowloaded from his blog.
      when i press the format and connects the phone i got this error sp flash has stop working.
      now i dont received the the other errors like
      [EMI] Enable DRAM Failed!..
      Please what my problem now help young Affable down here running out of ideas/
      thank you

  5. Please Diretor help me out cant power on my phone anymore
    [EMI] Enable DRAM Failed!
    [HINT]: Please check your load matches to your target which is to be download.


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