All About Smartphones: Download BBM For Android Gingerbread OS

Friday, January 31, 2014

Download BBM For Android Gingerbread OS

We told you guys of the ongoing project by BlackBerry to bring BBM to older android devices, Android Gingerbread OS devices to be precise. The reason for this can't be farfetched seeing how much users Whatsapp and Kik messenger are boasting about. Blackberry want to increase their user base too.

The good news is that the BBM for Gingerbread OS devices is set to be released for February, no specific date communicated but we now have access to the leaked version of the BBM build.

This BBM is slightly different for the ones you see on Android 4.0 and above and also different for the one on iPhone. The difference being that the top bar is black (blue for the higher versions).

For now, that is the difference we notice between the two kinds of BBM. 

If you are a Android Gingerbread device user, you can grab the BBM app below for testing. Don't forget to give us feedback on what you think about it.

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