All About Smartphones: Facebook Will Release The Next Facebook Called Paper

Friday, January 31, 2014

Facebook Will Release The Next Facebook Called Paper

Facebook has gone through series of changes since its inception, not only on the web platform but also on the mobile platform. The transformation that Facebook as gone through over the years have equally paid off but analysts are saying that Facebook continues to lose users especially among teens and young adults.

While the above speculation might be true to an extent, it still doesn't change the fact that Facebook is still the most used and popular social media site i n the world. However, its always good for positive changes to be implemented in other to make things lively and to keep maintaining that first position.

Consequently, Facebook will reinvent again for the mobile era and would present to us something it has called Paper come February 2014.

On Monday, iOS users will have the opportunity to try out a new reinvented version of Facebook that have never been seen before. Its more cooler and flashier than what we may have seen before.

This Paper is what Facebook should have looked like on Mobile devices says Dieter Bohn of Verge. Its a combination of features from Flipboard and Facebook Home for Android. This combined attribute gives Paper an excellent feel, especially with the gesture features that is employed.

If you are an iPhone user, wait for it and you would have it come February 3rd 2014.

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