All About Smartphones: How To Send Secure Self-Destructive Messages on iPhone

Thursday, January 23, 2014

How To Send Secure Self-Destructive Messages on iPhone

Occasionally, I like to go through the Apple app store looking for new apps that stand out. Sometimes, the search isn't too yielding and sometimes, the search is worth it.

Today, I happen to stumble upon an app called Confide: Your off-the-record Messenger app created by Confide Inc.

What can Confide do for you?

It lets you send messages that are can't be spoofed by someone that is not intended. If the original recipient receives the message and reads it, the message gets deleted automatically.

This means that the message isn't stored at all. Furthermore, someone can't do a screenshot of the message. If an attempt to do a screenshot is made, the sender would be notified immediately and the message scrambled.

Message sent according to the maker are private and encrypted, which means that its not susceptible to sniffing. When a message is receive, you can glide your finger over the message to view what's in the message. Furthermore, the messages can be sent to email addresses too.

Finally, open successfully reading the message, the message self-destruct, deletes automatically forever.

To use Confide, go to Apple App Store  and download the app, after that, register with an email, verify the mail and then you can begin sending those confidential messages.

Confide would be particularly useful to those that love the privacy of their message conversations.

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