All About Smartphones: How To Fix BBM 10.3 Error On BlackBerry Devices

Friday, February 14, 2014

How To Fix BBM 10.3 Error On BlackBerry Devices

BBM 10.3 is the latest BBM update for BlackBerry devices which packs many features; however, some users have not been able to use the update to the error its giving as shown in the  image below.

The error is affecting those using BB10 OS below Consequently, to fix this its just a matter of upgrading the BB10 OS running on y our device. 

Download links to get this BB10 OS to fix this error is situated below. Grab it and get on with life.

Just so you know, the OS links above are for leaked BB10 OS but will update to the and fix the lingering BBM error issue.

If you encounter any other problem please feel free to drop i t in the comment and we can try resolving it for you.
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