All About Smartphones: Google's Android Wear: Definition and Explanation

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Google's Android Wear: Definition and Explanation

In case you find yourself on the hot seat at Who Wants To Be A Millionaire show and the question to get you to $1 million is "What is Android Wear"? we wouldn't expect you to have extensive understanding of Android Wear.

To cut to the chase, Android Wear is the latest and newest form of Android operating system designed specifically for wearable computers as its usually called. That is, gadgets that you can wear on your body and Google is starting off with smartwatches. Android Wear was announced by Google on Tuesday 18th 2014

Motorola Moto 360 and LG G watch are going to be the first type of smartwatches based on Android Wear OS.

Google believes that wearable computers are going to become very huge in the near future and wants to be a big player in that future. What Google seek to achieve is that information moves with you and you wont have to bother about carrying something heavy in your hand like a smartphone.

An excerpt from Google's blog site state that Android Wear on wearable devices would help achieve the following:

  • Useful information when you need it most. Android Wear shows you info and suggestions you need, right when you need them. The wide variety of Android applications means you’ll receive the latest posts and updates from your favorite social apps, chats from your preferred messaging apps, notifications from shopping, news and photography apps, and more. 
  • Straight answers to spoken questions. Just say “Ok Google” to ask questions, like how many calories are in an avocado, what time your flight leaves, and the score of the game. Or say “Ok Google” to get stuff done, like calling a taxi, sending a text, making a restaurant reservation or setting an alarm. 
  • The ability to better monitor your health and fitness. Hit your exercise goals with reminders and fitness summaries from Android Wear. Your favorite fitness apps can give you real-time speed, distance and time information on your wrist for your run, cycle or walk. 
  • Your key to a multiscreen world. Android Wear lets you access and control other devices from your wrist. Just say “Ok Google” to fire up a music playlist on your phone, or cast your favorite movie to your TV. There’s a lot of possibilities here so we’re eager to see what developers build.
The technology and smartphone industry is developing rapidly but its possible that in  the near future, wearable computers develop more rapidly than smartphones and therefore become the norm in the near future.

There you have it folks. Everything you need to know about Android Wear as a non-geek.

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