All About Smartphones: One Click Process To Rooting Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Sunday, June 8, 2014

One Click Process To Rooting Samsung Galaxy Note 3

There are various apps and software to root various kinds of Android devices out there and most are basically ''one click'' kind of rooting software. 

Recently, we wrote about VROOT which has worked in rooting a lot of android devices, however, some Samsung devices were immune to the rooting capabilities of VROOT; hence, Kingo Root was tried and worked.

Kingo rooting app have been successful in rooting the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and other latest android devices. We shall be showing you how to use Kingo Root to achieve root on your android device using the listed steps below.

1. Windows Computer
2. Kingoapp
3. Android device in Debugging Mode

1. Download Kingo app from

2. Install the downloaded app and launch the app which we present you with a great interface as shown below.

3. Connect the Android device you intend on rooting and let the app fetch the driver. 

4. On fetching, you would be asked to disconnect the device. Disconnect and kingoapp will install drivers for your device automatically. 

5. Now reconnect your android device to your computer. If it takes too long to discover your device, just close the app and relaunch, then connect your device.

6. From the image below, you would notice that the Android device is already rooted. Hence, you see that the Root Status displayed at the top left corner is "Yes". If your device isn't already rooted, you will see "No" and you have to do is click on the  Root Button

7. In no time, your device wold be rooted and you would be good to go.

That is it folks, this rooting method was tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and it worked perfectly well.

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