All About Smartphones: The Perfect Tiny Accessory That Turns Your Wristwatch Into A Powerful Smartwatch

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Perfect Tiny Accessory That Turns Your Wristwatch Into A Powerful Smartwatch

Smartwatch is becoming a very popular term and it generally refers to watches that do more than telling the time. Companies Like Pebble, Samsung and Sony are currently leading the charge but here is something new. What if, you do not want to do away with that expensive non-smartwatch wristwatch and still use it as a smartwatch? Enter Glance, the company that wants to make that happen for you.

Glance is a smart- accessory device that transforms your normal wristwatch into a smartwatch with full powerful useful features and yet without all the bloatware that smartwatches are shipped it.

Glance can do all the things that smartwatches can do as its directly connected to your phone using Bluetooth LE. Incoming calls, text messages and all form of alerts are very visible and non-intrusive. It can also be triggered to do certain activities using motion. Hence, you don't even need to say anything to make your watch get smart.

The accessory has been very much designed to stay in place with any kind of wristwatch therefore, you won't have problem using it with all your owned wristwatches.

Like that is not enough, Glance can also be used to control your Smart TV, Computer, locate your phone if misplaced among other things. Currently, the device works with just the native iOS and Android App but according to sources, work is ongoing to support Windows Phone and BlackBerry native apps too.

See the video below for more info.

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