All About Smartphones: Mom Develops App That Shutdown Phone If SMS is Ignored

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mom Develops App That Shutdown Phone If SMS is Ignored

A lot of people get mad when they text someone and no reply is seen however parents hates it even more when they send SMS to their wards without a response especially when it's an emergency. 

Well, one mom decided it's high time she  did something about the issue; consequently she resorted to building a smartphone app that will shut down the phone if her text message is ever ignored or not replied. 

According to the mom - Standifird, "I need to develop an app that shuts down the phone and you can't even use it". 

She calls the name of the "Ignore No More" and it allows parents to remotely lock their children's phone remotely when their calls/text messages are ignored. 

Although, this is a good thing however what if the child is driving or doing something which makes him incapable of replying at that point in time? Our opinion is that the app should lock some features of the smartphone like internet, camera etc rather than shutting down the phone completely.

The app which can be downloaded here is currently available for Android devices only and cost just $1.99 in case you're interested it. 

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