All About Smartphones: Tecno Phantom Z Full Review Images and Price

Friday, August 8, 2014

Tecno Phantom Z Full Review Images and Price

Tecno Phantom Z had been in the news since first week of July. We've heard mostly conflicting information with respect to specs, pricing and even quality review and image of the device. However, here in Phonegist, we've been able to lay our hands on a new piece of Tecno Phantom Z and therefore we shall be giving you a detailed review after the break. 
Tecno-Mobile is obviously trying it's best to keep her fans from moving to other smartphones by upping their game with respect to specification and version of operating system on this latest flagship phone.

Tecno Phantom Z with the model number being A7 is the newest and the flagship device of Tecno-mobile with outstanding features and specifications

First, it comes in a very attractive blue and white packaging with added accessories to entice buyers. On purchase, you get 5200mAh powerbank in a pack and a Smart Cover in another pack alongside the smartphone, USB cable, battery and earphone in a third pack. 

Dimensions and Screen
Holding the device in our hands, it felt so comfortable. The case is made of plastic but with a good feel to it. It is comfortable and looks like it's not going to peel easily.  The dimensions are 71.9 * 144.5 * 7.9mm.

The side bezel is not large at all. In fact it's thinner than previous Tecno devices but the top and bottom bezel is wide enough to allow for proper handling when holding it horizontally without interfering with the touchscreen. Hence when watching movies or playing games in landscape, you can grab on the screen efficiently without accidentally touching the screen. 

The SIM tray and volume buttons are on one side of the phone while the power button is on another side. Also, at the top-right side of the phone, you will find the 3.5mm jack earphone port and at the bottom center, you will see the micro USB port while the speakers are located just at the bottom sides; like the iPhone 5S.

Network and SIM card
Tecno Phantom Z comes with a dual mini SIM with dual standby configuration and operate in the network bands GSM850/GSM900/DCS1800/DCS1900/W2100/W850. With these network bands, you can be sure that it will work with a good number of networks and carriers except for the ones in China. Therefore if you are a frequent traveller to China and some part of Korea, network issues will abound.
In other to access the SIM compartment, a pin is provided to eject the tray which houses the SIM card.

Screen Display and Resolution
Tecno Phantom Z comes with a 5.2inch full HD AMOLED display with resolution 1920 * 1080. 

For those wondering, this is a good awesome display. Images and videos are sharp and radiant. Furthermore, the device comes with gorilla screen 2. Of course, these screen properties will be obvious on the pricing of the Tecno A7. 

Operating System
If there's any area that we believe that Tecno have lagged behind, it's in the OS in their smartphones which has always been Andriod Jelly Bean 4.2.2. However, with the Tecno Phantom Z, Tecno upgraded their game. Hence, the Tecno Phantom Z comes with Android KitKat 4.4.2

One of the good thing about having the latest Android operating system is that, the KitKat has been noticed to be stable, more battery efficient and sleek. Also, most smart watches needs Android 4.4 for them to work well. Therefore, for those looking to get a smart watch, they will be glad to know that the Tecno Phantom Z will be supported. 

Finally, OTA update is available for the Tecno Phantom Z however, it's not sure if the device will receive the soon to be released Android L if it does become available. Only time will tell. 

Processor and GPU
Tecno Phantom Z is equipped with a 2.0GHz octa core cortex A7 CPU powered by a MediaTek MT6592 chipset and Mali 450-MP4 GPU.  

According to MediaTek, the octa core CPU is a true octa core CPU because it can work simultaneously without draining any substantial battery power. High definition games and video files are rendered excellently without lag. As far back as March, Gameloft said that the Modern Combat 5 was designed to utilize this MediaTek MT6592 chip for an outstanding gaming experience. Hence, owners of the Tecno Phantom Z should be ready to enjoy all that this new octa core processor has to offer. 

Memory and RAM
In this department, it will be very good to point out that the Tecno Phantom Z comes with a 32GB internal memory for storing those multimedia files: images and videos and other necessary files. 

In this age where everyone is now a photographer; welding phones with cameras of high image resolution, storing those images and videos would be a challenge and therfore, even a 32gb space may run out before you know it. However, in the event that there is a need for more space, your only option is to turn to the likesof Google Drive, Dropbox etc as the Phantom Z doesn't have an external memory card slot.

As per RAM, the Phantom Z comes with 2GB of RAM which is enough to keep things running. Although it's being said that other competing products gave 3GB RAM, it should be noted that the 3GB RAM is an overkill and not exactly necessary. The 2GB on the Tecno Phabtom Z should be enough especially since we are talking of Android KitKat 4.4 that is very memory efficient. 

For the photographers and those obsessed with taking selfies and recording videos; you will be pleased to know that the Tecno Phantom Z comes with a high quality 16 mega pixel AF BSI back camera with a dual LED flash light located below the camera lens for taking high clarity pictures in low lit areas. 

Images taken with the camera of the Tecno Phantom Z is very sharp and vivid. This is further enhanced by the Full HD AMOLED display of the device. 

Furthermore, since taking selfies an Skype video calls has become the other of the day in this era, the front camera have found more usefulness than ever before. This leads us to tell you that the phantom Z comes with a front facing camera with 8 mega pixel AF BSI camera and a single LED flashlight for good quality pictures. 

The size of the picture taken by the back camera can be from 5MB to 9MB. However, this can be adjusted from the camera settings menu. 
Battery Capacity
Tecno Phantom Z comes with 3030mAh battery power which according to Tecno can last for a full day on full charge when in full use.
During our test usage, we were able to get 20.21hrs of use. This is the combination of browsing the internet, making phone calls and playing some videos.
Although we didn't have the time to do a full test on the battery life when playing high definition games, we can say that the battery life is decent enough and should last most basic users through a day well.
Connectivity and Sensor
The Tecno Phantom Z comes with WiFi, WiFi Hotspot, Bluetooth 4.0, USB OTG, GPS and AGPS connectivity features. No NFC nor wireless charging capability has some people have suggested. We believe its going to be a whuile before we see any Tecno device with NFC capabilities talkless of wireless charging capabilities.
In the sensors department, we have the Gyro, Light and proximity sensors embedded on the Phantom Z. The proximity sensor alongside the Tecno Phantom Z smart cover will make the usage of the device a breeze.

With the smart cover, which is more like what you have with recent Samsung devices; you don't need to open up the smartphone to see notifications as they can be seen through the smart cover and then you can choose to interact with the device or not. this will efficiently reduce the number of times one touches the phone.
Price Tag
Various price tag will deifinitely exist for various stores but as far the ones we've seen so far, the Phantom Z is selling for N53,000 and the highest price we've seen so far was N56,000.

Currently divine Anyi Communications is selling for the lowest price of N53k. You can reach them on 08060791362 or at the address Zeenco Plaza Computer Village Ikeja, Lagos. 
For a Tecno device, this may seemed very pricy for some but considering the specifications and other things the Phantom Z has, you would agree that the price is just slightly above good.

The truth is, the Tecno Phantom Z aka A7 packs a punch and as we continue to test out and use the device, we shall be updating this post to reflect our observations.

However, based on what we know now, we can give the Tecno Phantom Z a score of 8/10. This is based on appearance, specifications, accessories and features when compared to other devices in its price bracket.

The question some may ask is: What is the durability and efficiency of this Tecno Phantom Z? The answer is that Tecno have came a long way and their products have passed quite well as a stable and durable device.

More images of the Tecno Phantom Z can be found here for those that want to feed their eyes.

What are your thoughts about this phone and what Tecno have done? Drop them in the comments section below. 
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Image source: techweez


  1. Hi. I bought dis phone last week. All I can say it that it's an awesome device. Tecno have really improve on their product, especially d camera n graphics. I don't know what network is giving data bonus for Phantom z, just as Etisalat gave 100 mb monthly for Phantom a plus. Someone should enlighten me pls

  2. Thanks so much for this great review, I have been searching for a review but find none that's good. Thanks once again, this will go a long way in helping me choose tecno since it has usb OTG, but what about compass? My only issue about it is that gorilla glass 2 is old and breaks easily, I have watched this in many videos. Gorilla glass 3 is much better, but anyway, it's still a good device.

    1. Am glad yu found the review informative and useful

  3. I can't find the slot for a memory card in the phone? Pls help

    1. It has no memory card slot. I think having 32gb, does one still need memory card?

    2. U av forgotten that d whole 32gb won't be available for usage. Pethaps 5 to 7 Gb reduction

    3. I bought mine in Kenya and got 17 GB to use the rest went on pre installed apps/games that are saved as system apps... It's a pain Uninstalling them but when it's done there is some more space available...

  4. Thanks for this review. I have read a lot of them but yours stands out unique.Easy to comprehend. Welldone
    One question does zeenco plaza do home delivery?

    1. Thanks Peter. As for Divine Anyi in Zeenco plaza; yes they do. All you have to do is request for home delivery when you contact them on the phone

  5. Please i need this phone, how much is it and how can i get it in India, please contact me on +917411630516 or email me at

  6. What version of btheadset pair in My cellphone phantom z? Because start using for viber and Skype authomatic shot down in My cellphone phantom z??

  7. Please reply in My Question.. Thanks

  8. ineed wifi mack address of tecno a7

    1. go to the wifi settings and go to advanced there you will see the mac address

  9. the price of photom a7 is TZS 600,000.00

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  11. Please tell us the price in USD

    1. The above quoted price divided by the current dollar - Naira rate will give you the price in U.S. dollars.

  12. Is possible that can be used on cannon printer? How?

  13. Its very interesting post, good job

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  14. Pretty handy and beautiful stuff.

  15. Right now, I could give up anything to have this phone again.

  16. A little more tweaking... and yaay! the Phantom makes the best smartphone for the year.

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  20. I want ti buy used Tecno Ph Z A7 as a secondary phone. I work in Nigeria and want to buy it here . I found some models in good condition, but i never used Tecno phones and advice. Is it worth buying used android phone Tecno ph z a7 in 2017? What are the problems of this model? Thanks.


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