All About Smartphones: Jumia Double Awoof Vouchers + Warehouse Run

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Jumia Double Awoof Vouchers + Warehouse Run

Fellas, if you like to buy things online, then this Black Friday is when you should make your move to purchase things. Why? Am glad you asked.

Jumia would be making some massive price slash to all product on Black Friday, November 28th 2014. The products you usually buy would be dropped by 30% to 80%. As if that is not all, Jumia introduced another 50% price slash which is awesome.

This 50% new price slash program is known as Double Awoof Vouchers and what it means is that you get a voucher for half its price. Let me break it down to you.

The Double Awoof vouchers are means of getting additional disconts on Black Friday and the vouchers are available in N2,000, N5,000 and N10,000 denominations. For example, to buy a N2,000 worth voucher, you pay just N1,000. To buy a N5000 and N10,000 vouchers, you pay only N2,500 and N5,000 respectively. That is just awesome!!!

How it Works
  • The vouchers will be sent to you via email within 1-2 hours of placing your order. There is no physical delivery.
  • It is applicable for pre-paid orders only.
  • The vouchers are inactive now but will be double the value of the paid price during Black Friday Sale on November 28th, 2014 from midnight to midnight.
Now that you know how it works, there is nothing to lose here. If you plan buying something on Black Friday which already has discounts, then this double voucher awoof is nothing but a great deal to get even more discounts than you already got.

Always click on the Black Friday banner on the right panel side of this page to get to the Jumia Black Friday website or other jumia webpages for more discounts.

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