All About Smartphones: iPhone 6S: All That We Know So Far

Sunday, May 24, 2015

iPhone 6S: All That We Know So Far

Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony etc., made their moves, now it's time for Apple to make theirs. And as we all know, the next move is the iPhone 6S. Many rumors have been going around lately, starting from the specs, to the design but most of all what everyone wants to know is, when it's going to be launched?
In the last weeks a lot rumors have been around that the iPhone 6S will be launched in august, a month earlier than the usual launch time for Apple smartphones although that timing isn't confirmed yet. It's best to believe that this phone will be launched in September just like Apple has done previously. A more interesting question is "What we to expect from the Apple WWDC 2015 conference starting June 8th? Is it only the announcement of iPhone 6S, new 12"iPad, iOS 9 or even more? Based on rumors currently flying on the web, iPad pro, iOS 9, iPhone 6S and Beats Music would be unveiled at the WWDC 2015 event. 

Speaking of iPhone 6S, there are indeed many new things to come from the new iPhone 6S, starting from the design. There's rumor of a new color for the iPhone 6S, the rose gold. Other than that there aren't expected to be many changes in the design of iPhone 6S. The next big thing about the iPhone 6S will be the camera which is expected to receive a boost both in quality and megapixels. iPhone 6S is rumored to have a 12 MP DSLR - quality camera, which might also have a lens swap feature. iPhone 6S' screen isn't expected to have a change regarding the size. It will be 4.7 inch, with the option of a bigger screen of 5.5 inch in iPhone 6S plus. But there is more to come. Yes, there will be a third version with a smaller screen, the 4.0 inch iPhone 6C. It is also possible that the screen of the iPhone 6S could have sapphire display, even though it might seem still too early for this.
iOS 9 will be the new firmware coming out with the iPhone 6S, which is reported to bring mostly bug fixes and performance enhancements. A new iPhone also means a new processor, the A9 processor which is 15% smaller, 20% more powerful, and 30% more power efficient compared to the A8 processor will be in the iPhone 6S. A 2GB boost in  RAM is expected to come with the iPhone 6S too, upgrading from 1GB to 2GB.
Features from other apple devices could also appear in the new iPhone 6S. For example, Apple SIM switch which first appeared in the iPad Air 2 and allows users to switch networks without changing the SIM card - an amazing feature especially when all network carriers fully support this might be a feature in the upcoming iPhone 6S. Another feature which could come up with the iPhone 6S is called "Force touch" that was firstly seen in the Apple Watch. This feature makes the phone respond in different ways depending on how strongly the screen is touch the screen. 

With all of the new things like better camera, more powerful processor, bigger RAM etc.that the iPhone 6S is rumored to come with, better battery rating and performance would be one of the most welcomed. This also explains the reason why apple lately has been going on a hiring spree for battery related positions. Meanwhile the price for the iPhone 6S as usual is expected to be over 600$, and even more for the 6S plus, the quality and attention to detail always make Apple consumers to shell out those dollars for the device and if one cannot afford the expensive iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S plus then the more cheaper iPhone 6C rumored to be made available would suffice. 

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