All About Smartphones: Direct Download Link for the New Google Photos App

Friday, May 29, 2015

Direct Download Link for the New Google Photos App

Google I/O event which took place yesterday, the 28th of May 2015, was one that revealed a lot of good products Google has to offer the world. Among the various products revealed, Android M, the newer iteration of android and Google Photos are one of the most exciting features that were revealed. 

Speaking of Google Photos, Google is now offering Google Photos as a standalone app on iOS and has made it even more useful, efficient and powerful than it previously was. With the new Google Photos, pictures can be grouped together based on the time it was taken, place it was taken, people in the pictures, and even based on events. What this means is that if you can now make search query on a particular person and all pictures where that person appears would be displayed. When the search button is clicked on, faces of all involved in the entire photo album shows, and by tapping the image of one person, all the entire that person appear on are displayed. 

Geo-location information of the photos also help in searching based on location something Google photos already does. In addition,Google Photos can now automatically create photo collages by merging the various pictures of people that appear at a particular event at the same time. Finally, we love that backing up compressed version of the origin pictures to Google Photos with excellent quality is unlimited while choosing to backup the uncompressed, original version is limited to 15GB. 

When you dive into Google Photos settings on iOS, a few quick settings are revealed in which you can quickly toggle off and on various features-set. Under Backup & Sync menu, you can quickly set if you want pictures and videos to be backed up using cellular data or not. You can also select the Google Account you want the backup to the associated with as shown in the images above. 

Google has obviously revamped the Google Photos experience to become something that is easy to use, well done, and very useful especially for those that love taking a lot of pictures but have little time to organize the pictures that will foster easy identification when searching for them. Google Photos is now available to download for both Android & iOS devices at their respective app stores and also available for PC. 

What are your experience for Google Photos on Android and iOS? Drop them in the comment section below. 

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