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How to Fix iPhone Micrphone Problem

Apple products are generally perceived to be of a high standard and quality. However, this does not mean that it can not have few gliche One of the common issue is that some people with iPhone 4 have issues with mic. The problem is that when you make calls,  you can hear the recipient perfectly well but they seem not to hear you at all or you have to shout with speaker phone activated before they can hear you. The funniest part is that the voice recorder works fine and whenever you make calls with Skype, Jumble etc, people can hear you perfectly. This means that  there is nothing wrong with the mic of the phone.  Many  people have experimented with different solutions but they are not permanent. However, the solution offered below is a permanent one. Just follow the instructions and you would see your phone functioning well again.   The problem lie in the codec chip located on the logic board of the iPhone4. You will need to open up the phone to fix this issue.