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Samsung wins case and Apple lost

Battles are fought everyday in this present age and Apple vs Samsung is one of those battles that go way back and seems like it will never end. While Apple is always in the attack and Samsung in the defense and the court is the middle ground where all the decisions are made. Recently Apple filed a suit against Samsung stating that Samsung 10.1 inch tablet was an infringement and copy of the iPad's design.  Therefore Apple requested that the device be banned. Yesterday in a Dutch appeal court Samsung was handed a victory verdict nullifying Apple's claims that Samsung copied and infringed on patents regarding the iPad's design. The Dutch court ruled that Samsung had not infringed on Apple's rounded corners patent of the iPad. The judge noted that Apple's iPad isn't the first tablet with a rectangular shape with rounded corners and therefore doesn't have monopoly of such design. He further noted that ”the  design of Samsung tablets differ enough from the i

How to Use Samsung S4 As a TV Remote controller

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a beastly device, carrying so much functionality that you would rather not need all. In fact the specifications are enough to contend with upcoming smartphones till 2014. One of the features embedded in the S4 is the ability top use the device as a TV remote control aside from the Tectile 2 functionality it is embedded with that allows you to control cars, doors and other NFC controllable devices.  Just by tapping your S4 with a Tectile card, you can control any device you have assigned to the Tectile card. The card comes in five packs and sold for about $20. However, not many people know how to use this device as a remote control for cars, doors let alone a TV. Hence the need for this guide.  This guide shows you how to use S4 as a TV remote controller Requirements Samsung Galaxy S4 Procedures 1. Open the WatchON app and select your country 2. Enter your zip code and select your content provider. 3. If you want to personalize your

How To Backup Any Android Smartphone

Backing up of smartphones' data is very important and essential. Anything can happen to our device at any point in time. Seeing how smartphones have become a huge part of us, What can happen to it, you may ask. Well, It could go missing, stolen or just spoiled with no chance of recovering data. When finally you buy another smartphone, you can easily reload and get all your settings and apps back. This is why backing up of smartphones become very important. Although Android smartphones offer a way to backup on Google servers, however, what happens when you can access the internet at the point in time? A good way to backup is on the computer. With the help of an application called Wondershare  MobileGo, you would be able to do a lot , even more than just backing or restoring device. Follow this steps to successfully backup your Android device. Requirements Wondershare MobileGo Internet Connected computer Any Android Smartphone Procedures 1. Connect your device

This is The New Gmail

Have you ever gotten pissed when important mails get overshadowed by less important ones? In fact sometimes you might have to scroll down the page to get to that important mail,  especially for those that receive so much mails. Well, Google has done it again and decided to fix this. Hence, comes the new Gmail . This new Gmail , which is available to both Desktop and mobile platforms seek to help organise all mails by placing different mails of certain types in tabs. Consequently, if you have mails from say social media sites, a tab titled "social media" fills that inbox. These goes for other mail types. Tabs can also be customized and edited to taste. The idea is to make it easier to access mails faster and this will in turn save time. This new Gmail , Google says will role out in sessions in the next few weeks and would be configured by users from the mail options menu. This suggests that it would be an optional feature that needs to be enabled and not forced o

US Department of Justice vs Apple War Is On

There's now a new wave of attacks on the fruit company Apple Inc. by the US Department of Justice. It is almost as if Apple have sinned against this government as its observed with recent litigation brought against said company.  Its almost as if the Goverment wants to punish Apple for something that we dont know about with all the flimsy litigations.  It is said the more prosperous one is the higher the chances of getting enemies especially from the Government. This is the case with Apple Inc. of late due to the speed at which all kinds of law suits are levied on the fruit company. If its not patent suits it would be customer care suit. The new one in the recent suit against Apple is from the US department of Justice which says that Apple is using every means (legal by the way) to avoid paying due tax.  According to few senators championing this litigation, Apple have used a hole in the tax law to avoid paying huge tax. Apparently, Apple defended her case and as it is, it has nev

How to Unhide Hidden Files From Hard drives and Flash Drives

I t can be very devastating when one of core documents or file saved on a disk or flash drive just suddenly disappear when you need to view it the most. You knew you put it there and you didn't delete it, yet you can find it. Sometimes when you use the storage device on other computer, the files become accessible. Well, this usually happens whenever a virus attacks the files and hide them from you.  Most times, the virus is operating on another computer and when you inserted your storage device, it corrupts or hides the files. For computers that don't have the option to show hidden files activated, you may not see these hidden files. Hence, these files become visible to computers that have "show hidden files" activated. Although some virus would not even allow you to unhide the files the conventional way. This is where a little command becomes needed. This post will discuss but the conventional way and the other methods that are more reliable. This po

Mouse Designed for Windows 8 devices

Windows 8 is a great Operating System as some would argue, however, others would argue otherwise chiefly because of the removal of some core features like the Start button which has been in all Windows Operating System before Windows 8. In fact, some have described this removal as a below to the face and ripped off of their strength when using the computer. While the Redmond company is releasing an update (Windows 8.1) that would include the important Start button, the company also debut new kind  of mouse. This mouse would have a Start button embedded in it either by the side of the Mouse or located on top as depicted in the images below. Therefore uses are no longer essentially required to click the Start button on the screen when using such Mouse. Below are images of the new kind of Mouse. This is a welcomed development and still wondering why it took this long for such an innovative idea to be implemented. Well, it is now implemented and it will make navigation of the Windows

How to Enable Twitter's Two-Step Verification Login Process

In the wake of recurrent breaches of numerous Twitter accounts, Twitter have decided to initiate a two-step verification process where a user is required to fill in his or her password along with a random generated temporal code. Once this code and password is correctly entered, user is presented with his/her page and can continue using Twitter , otherwise, access is denied even if the password is correct without the code being correct. While this verification process isn't enabled by default, users are able to enable it by clicking on the wheel icon on the top-right side of the page and click on Settings , scroll down the page and check the box Account Security to enable this feature as shown in the images below. With this new feature, Twitter is fighting hard to reduce or eliminate the ease at which hackers gain access to users' accounts which is a highly welcomed development. There is a possibility that new Twitter app updates will show up s

Highly Durable Drop-Proof, Water-Proof, Dust-Proof But Cheap Smartphone

Caterpillar, the popular construction company launched a new smartphone on Monday known as the B15 Cat smartphone running 4.1 Android operating system. B15 Cat Android Smartphone This new smartphone is a rugged drop-proof, water-proof and dust-proof smartphone. It can withstand a high degree of day to day punishment especially from site engineers. Although, this is not the first time we are seeing a rugged smartphone as this for example HTC one, Phillips), yet we can not but say this is at its height. Drop Test Performed Between B15Cat and Another Smartphone This smartphone can remain for 30 minutes, one meter below water and still function superbly considering the water pressure on it. It can also withstand a 6ft drop and nothing will happen to it. Interestingly, this device is relatively thin, slim and light weight with rubberized aluminum finish, meaning there is no need for a pouch. Runs Android 4.1 operating system, 5 mega pixel rear camera with HD recor

Infinix X450 Android Smartphone: Specifications & Features

Infinix X450 is yet another Android smartphone for low income earners just like the Tecno N7 smartphone from Tecno Mobile industry. However, Infinix is a native French company. This device is for  those that want to have a taste of Android but don't want to spend so much. Although, not so different from Tecno N7 that was released by the Tecno Mobile company, yet this phone will give you that experience you crave. Infinix X450 is in the league of the Tecno N7, but lighter, slimmer, less wider and with a better camera and resolution. Aside that, which is what in a way, gives it an edge over Tecno N7, its not so different from its counterpart. With the specifications and features that it comes with coupled with the price, I believe it shouldn't infuriate some die hard specs fan These specification and features are listed below. So if you feel like not spending much and still want to enjoy a fairly decent Android smartphone, you could opt for this Infinix X450 sm