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Twitter Officially Launched Periscope

Twitter officially takes the wraps off its standalone video live-streaming app called Periscope. The app is already available for iOS and Android devices with as much as 100,000 users and the number is climbing really fast; this is of course due to the popularity of Twitter.  You will recall that Twitter bought the company in charge of Periscope about two weeks ago in other to compete with Meerkat, a recent video live-streaming app. Although Meerkat and Periscope may perform the same function in that they allow for the broadcast of live video event to remote viewers via a smartphone however, there are little differences in both apps with Periscope having a slight edge over Meerkat.   Periscope is very fluid and as far as live video streaming app go, Periscope is certainly the best.   Download Periscope for iOS and Android at their respective stores.  Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for more smartphone gist.  

Full Detailed Review of The Infinix HOT NOTE Smartphone

On Monday the 9th of March Infinix released the smartphone we have been waiting for all these years - a worthy and significant successor to the much loved Infinix Alpha (X570). Thank goodness, the wait is finally over and this newly released smartphone or phablet called the Infinix Hot Note (X551) is the perfect successor to the X570. Although Infinix believes that the Hot Note is a successor to the Infinix Hot, the constant users and lovers of the X570 will agree that the Infinix Hot Note X551 is that perfect successor to the Infinix Alpha since both X551 and X570 are both phablets.  The Inifnix HOT NOTE is a wonderful smartphone and for the short period of time of it being used, we can say this is a powerful and perfect smartphone especially for the price its being offered. The question you may have been asking is "what makes the Infinix Hot Note so unique to be called the perfect successor the Alpha?" See details after the jump. The Infinix Hot Note ak

How To Run Whatsapp and Other Android Apps on Your Computer

There are many useful apps on a smartphone, some we install just to give it a trial and some we install because we need it to communicate or achieve goals. However, those apps will be become useless if the smartphone is damaged or the app has a tendency of negatively affecting the phone. This is why this post focus on teaching on how to install an android OS on your computer and run any android app of  your choice. Andy OS is an android emulator that installs a full Android 4.2.2 tablet on your computer with 4.9GB internal memory, 128GB SD memory and a 1GB RAM although you can change this RAM size from the virtualbox settings.  Once you install the Andy software on your computer, you will have access to your android tablet and you can set it up and use it just like a regular, physical android device. Procedures 1. To download Andy the Android emulator, click  here 2. Install the file and let it download other required files 3. At the end of the download,

New BlackBerry Leap Has The Following Specifications

BlackBerry unveiled a new smartphone to the world during the 2015 Mobile World Congress (MWC) which started on 2nd March and will end 5th of March. BlackBerry is doing fairly well in the smartphone industry nut its still a long way from becoming the BlackBerry it used to be 10 years ago. The new device unveiled yesterday is known as BlackBerry Leap and even though the name does gather an amount of dislike, the smartphone in itself is decent and well built. According to BlackBerry it is a medium end phone will high-end quality. The BlackBerry Leap has a 5 inch IPS LCD display sporting a 720 x 1080 pixel in resolution bringing it to approximately 260PPI. The Leap is a full touchscreen device with a thickness of 9.5mm making fairly thicker than some more recent flagship smartphone out there. The BlackBerry Leap has a dual core Qualcomm  MSM 8960 1.5 GHz  processor clocked at 1.5GHz and a 1GB RAM, Furthermore, the internal memory is 8GB and has a SD card slot that suppo

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge: The Good and The Bad

So yeah finally, we have the Samsung Galaxy official specifications, images and all. Reactions are already flying from people's mind straight to different forums. In fact the number of chatter regarding the newly announced Samsung S6 and S6 edge on twitter is huge with a lot of likes and dislikes emanating from these discussions. However we know Samsung likes to set the bar when it comes to mobile technology and as far as Android is concerned, Samsung is still the leading smartphone comp any. There are a lot of perks to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, especially with the fast charging, wireless charger, ultra fast launching of the camera app on both devices (less than 2 seconds). Furthermore, the camera specifications have been greatly improved; allowing more light to get in to give a better image quality. Also, Samsung has now implemented what is known as the Samsung Pay which according to Samsung will make payment far more possible than what iPhone currently support

HTC M9 Smartphone Official Specifications and Features

The Mobile World Congress 2015 happening today in Barcelona is already raising hits and major smartphone manufacturers are going to be unveiling some cool stuffs; HTC has already started by taking the wraps off their flagship device HTC M9 and the specifications and features are very juicy, in fact the future of HTC M9 is very good. Below we present to you all the specs released for the HTC M9 smartphone. Design Design is very important in today's world of smartphone. You can't have a phone looking like a turaya phone even with great specs and expect it to sell especially seeing how smartphones are becoming fashion accessories. The HTC M9 has a well flushed body and has dimensions 144.6 x 69.7 x 9.6mm and weighs just 157g. SIM and Network The HTC M9 will come with a nano, single SIM card slot with support for GSM, HSPA and LTE network technology.  Display The HTC M9 will come with a super LCD 3 capacitive touchscreen, 16 million colors seen through the 5.