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Purchasing an iPhone is not cheap and not always easy. Some people have to queue up for minutes and hours just to buy their phones while some just pay Fedex to ship it to them. Whichever way you got your device, am sure you worked hard for it and it will be very painful if someone stole it or you misplaced it. The good news is that all hope isn't lost if you misplaced your device or someone stole it. Apple has a software called Find My iPhone, which does a very good job in retrieving and wiping devices amongst other features. However, sometimes, Find My iPhone just won't work when you go to to find your device and this is even more true when your device is jailbroken. If your device is jailbroken, you wont be able to wipe your device remotely and some features may not even work at all. So, with all these issues with Apple's security and tracking software, what options are available out there especially for jailbroken devices? Well, below is a list of Fin


Hello folks, one of the things that can be very annoying is when you try to download apps from iTunes or App Store and it asks you for your apple account details and  you don't have one. So, you try to register a new account from your device and it tells you to enter your credit card details. Usually, there is no problem with that. However, when you enter the details, it doesn't allow you to go further. it says your card details can't be used. It is very frustrating to be in this situation. Another weird moment is when you update your iOS to a higher version and you are required to enter you Apple ID or register and it won't just allow you. Your best bet is to already have an Apple ID instead of trying to register on your device. Below is a step by step method to getting your account registered with Apple via iTunes STEPS 1. Download iTunes and install if you don't have it installed on your computer. 2. Once iTunes is downloaded, lunch it. Click on iTunes


Just recently the Dev-Team released redsn0w 0.9.15b1 to tether jailbreak pre-A5 devices like iPhone 4 and 3GS running iOS6. However the team released an update to the redsn0w 0.9.15b1 tool to 0.9.15b2. This new updated redsn0w tool is packed with a good number of fixes and improvements. The most salient point being that it can now untether jailbreak iPhone 3GS with old boot rom. So if you have a 3GS iPhone with old Boot rom, then you will be more than glad to know that your device can be jailbroken untethered on iOS6. There is no untethered support for iPhone 4 yet but we believe that in the near future, it will be available. Below is the step by step guide of using the new updated redsn0w to untether jailbreak your device. Note: This tutorial assume that you are already jailbroken tethered on the device before. If not, read my other post on how to jailbreak your device with redsn0w 0.9.15b1. Furthermore, to know if you have a old bot rom 3GS, do the following Download iTool


Recently, Apple released iOS6 to the public few days after iPhone 5 was released and many people have updated their devices to the latest version of iOS offered by Apple. However, because a great number people like to have their phone jailbroken or unlocked to use on unsupported apps and sim cards. Consequently updating an apple iOS to the latest version is usually done with caution. With kudos to the jailbreak dev team, life becomes less cumbersome. They have release an updated version of redsn0w that will allow for tethered jailbreak of the iOS6. Below is the detailed procedure on how to jailbreak iOS6 on supported devices . NOTE: This proceure is meant for only A4 devices or below (iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and 4th generation iPod Touch) NEEDED ITEMS Supported Device iOS6 Redsn0w 0.9.15b1 iTunes 10.7 Good functioning cables to connect your device to the computer Back-up your apps INSTRUCTIONS Download iOS6 for your device from here


Gevey sim can now unlock iOS 6, 6.0.1 for iPhone 4S. So many people with an iPhone depend on an unlock solution. There are many unlock methods for iPhone users. One is software unlock, another is hardware unlock and the final unlock is factory unlock. With all these unlock methods, the best is still factory unlock because it brings no restriction to the phone. However, both software and hardware unlock have their issues in that they depend on  the baseband and iOS version of the device for it to work. If you are a hardware unlocker using Gevey sim interposer, below is a step by step method to use the Gevey sim. Make sure your device is jailbroken with preferably Redsn0w  STEPS 1. Purchase the Original Gevey sim for your device: Gevey Ultra, Gevey Ultra S etc. depending on your device 2. Make sure you do not upgrade your device baseband and OS above 4.10.01 and iOS 5.1.1 respectively. 3. Switch off your device, place your sim on top of the gevey chip. 4. Insert the gevey + sim