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iTunes 11

It is here folks, iTunes 11 have been released by Apple and they have completely redesigned this little app. The old iTunes feels like a shame and useless piece of junk when compared to this. Of course, many have abandoned the use of the old iTunes and have only consulted it when they needed to update the iOS. However, with this new iTunes 11, many will run back to use this music player once more. I have included images of the installed app and the features it comes with iTunes 11 is only 86mb to download and available for both PC and Mac here . Immediately after download and installing, you are presented with a screen that wants to upload the music in your library to the iTunes library. Once you are done with that, you are presented with the screen shown below. You can click around to see other pages as shown below. As for now, I can't say if Apple have included anything that could make jailbroken devices have problems. However, i have connected a jailbroken device to it and