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How To Fix Blank App Store Update Page

Many people that recently updated their devices to the new iOS 6.1.3 have been facing numerous problems. One of them is the inability to update applications that needed updates from the App Store. Usually, when the App Store is launched, updates page should reveal apps that needs to be updated and when you tap on those apps, the update should begin. However, what we found was that, when the App Store is lunched, other pages like Featured, Top Charts, Genius and Search page displays information correctly. But when the Updates tab is tapped, it comes up blank.  This issue is not only for iOS 6.1.3 but was also noticed from iOS 6.0 - 6.1.2. If you found yourself in this situation and yo are not tired of updating your apps through iTunes, please follow the simple guide below to fix this. Requirements Device should have a Internet data connection either Wi-Fi or Cellular Procedures Step 1: On your device home screen, tap on Settings and tap

iOS 7 UI Will Be Radically Different from Previous iOS Versions

Apple is set to surprise everyone when iOS 7 finally get released with a radically different but familiar user interface. According to information exposed to three top Apple officials, John Ive's design will be implemented on the new forthcoming iOS 7. Over the years, little change have been given to the Glassy, glossy, graphical & bulky User Interface (UI) of the iOS. This is the design that we have come to know, accustomed and loved but got tired of at some point - thanks to themes . Just like Microsoft ditching its traditional look for a Metro streamlined UI, Apple is set to same for its mobile operating system. Now, the game is set to change, with a lot of surprises in place for everyone. That familiar UI which we have known for too long will be eradicated and replaced with another familiar UI - a flat look and feel similar to the Windows Metro UI. This is the hand work of John Ive who succeeded Scott Forstall; the new Interface design directo

iOS 7 and OS X Released

Apple have finally announced the date of the much anticipated World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) which holds annually. This is the conference that Apple usually use as a medium to announce their new inventions like the iWatch, products like the iPhone 5S, iPad, iPod and firmware like iOS 7. For this year, the conference is scheduled to hold starting from June 10 - 14th 2013 . As usual a lot of developers would strive to get passes. According to information reaching us, tickets will begin selling today 25th April. Consequently, if you had like to attend this conference, you should already be making plans to get your ticket as these tickets are usually very limited and sell out in matter of hours. Tickets go on sale worldwide on April 25 at 10 a.m. PDT and each ticket costs $1,599 USD or in local currency where available.. It is expected that Apple will release a beta version of the firmware iOS 7 and OS X to developers after the first major keynote which shoul

Tecno N7 Smartphone full Specifications & Features with Video

TECNO is the brand that have overtaken Nigeria by storm when it comes to phone sales. The prices of TECNO phones are very low compared to other kinds of phones with the same specs and function.  In fact, Nokia that used to dominate phone market in Nigeria, has lost huge market share and have been replaced by tecno phones in the hands of low and middle class income earners. Of course TECNO phones have always been though of as a silly China phone, but with the series of smartphones been released by this company e.g TECNO N3, D5 etc, one will say that the game is on especially with the new TECNO N7. Have been asked by many people if I had seen the new and latest Tecno N7 smartphone developed by Tecno Mobile Industries, and I have always replied that I have not only seen but am presently using one. In case you don't know, Tecno N7 is the latest and highest range smartphone made by Tecno Mobile and below are the specs and features of the device including a video here .

Configure Your Google Account To Delete Automatically After You Die

We are in a age where information is the other of the day. Exchange of emails is even more rapid than ever. Information stored on all these emails are huge.  Credit card transactions, meeting, social media alerts, etc all have a way of connecting and sendig information to one's email. This is why access to the email is very restricted. Death is inevitable to all. What happens when the owner of a particular email dies? Information will still continue to be sent to that email account non-stop therefore, Google came up with an idea. This idea gives you the power to tell your Google account to behave in a certain way when you die. You can set it to self - destruct if you don't access it in 6 months, 1 year etc. This affects all of your Google apps, like Google+, Mail, Calender etc To learn how to activate this feature, click here I think it is an excellent and cool feature. Although, I know you all have some questions like,  if indeed an account is set t

An Android Based Nokia Phone

Is Nokia fairing well in the face of this fierce competition in the Smartphone Industry? The competition in the smartphone industry is very fierce. It is not a place for a weak company to venture into at all if you are not ready to do and make drastic powerful choices. Former powerful companies like Nokia, Blackberry, Sagem etc which have given way to Apple Inc. and Samsung used to dominate the phone industry have fallen and have fallen even more because of this fierce competition going on at this point in time. The devices of these fallen heroes are no more demanded in great quality. People now can't wait to get theirs hands on iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One. Nokia and Blackberry isn't in the list. What if Nokia had gone the Android way just like Samsung , HTC etc? Would the company be in a better situation? As of this writing, Apple Inc. is dominating the smartphone market, raking in money by the minute. In fact, the fate of the Phone industry to

How To Enter DFU Mode When Home Key is broken

The iPhone is a wonderful piece of device. Built to last and to be loved. For various reasons, we may be forced to  restore our device firmware, and for some other reasons, restoring to a firmware can be futile unless the device is placed in a state known as DFU mode. The thing is that to enter DFU mode, you will need to have a functioning Home key and Power button. What happens when you need to enter DFU mode desperately but your home and power button are faulty? Well this tutorial which show you how to enter DFU mode without the Home & Power buttons   Requirements Redsn0w latest version: download here iTunes latest version Stock unmodified IPSW that is currently be signed (iOS 6.1.3 at the time of this writing): Download here Procedures Launch Redsn0w and click on Extras Click Even more, finally click on DFU IPSW Click OK and then select the Stock unmodified IPSW you downloaded Once selected Redsn0w will create a new IPSW named as ENTER_DFU_iPhone

SHSH blobs from Cydia Doesn't Allow Downgrade on iOS 6

iOS downgrade Just recently, Apple released iOS 6.1.3 and many people that loved their jailbroken devices blindly updated only to find out that it is impossible to jailbreak iOS 6.1.3. Desperately, many of sort to downgrade back to 6.1.2 or lower for those with iPhone 3GS & 4 only to end up with a device in soft DFU loop; that is device refuses to boot up. Across various forums and discussion sites, this problem have been reported by those that tried downgrading using SHSH blobs saved on Cydia servers. Those that downgraded using blobs saved with iFaith and TinyUmbrella hardly experience this problem. This problem received little answer as to why it happens. Well, Saurik, the guy behind Cydia offered some insights as to why this problem occur. This you can find here for better understanding.  In summary, what he is saying is that Apple have implemented a kind of mechanism that only allow the restoration to most recent firmwares, more like most recent and two oth

How To Make Free Calls Between Blackberry Phones

Smartphones are as useful as the number of powerful applications that are available. This is one place that both Android devices and Apple devices beat other kinds of devices. Recently, Windows Phone Store is picking up in terms the numbers of apps in its store. Blackberry App store is also in the race. For Android and Apple devices, there are lots of VoIP apps to make free calls, but when it comes to Blackberry devices, you have almost nothing of such. One would have thought that with the success of the BBM,  it would be easy to have VoIP apps in large numbers to take advantage of this feature, but none until Blackberry announces its own VoIP app which was integrated with the BBM and can only work with Blackberry devices. However, there is a new app by the name of TringMe that posses to change that. This app allows you to make free calls to fellow TringMe users for free. Also, you can buy credits to call those that are not on TringMe.  This app is available for Android and

How To Download Cracked Apps With AppCake and Vshare

AppCake and vShare are little applications that took the place of installous. We know install0us was that application that most people have on their jailbroken Apple devices to allow them install cracked applications. During its time, Install0us did a perfect job. However its gone now and AppCake and vShare have taken over. For sometime, people had issues with downloading from these applications when installed, but the problem is resolved now and download can commence. To get this app on your device, follow these steps. Needed Items Jailbroken iPhone, iPad iPod Internet Coonection AppSync Note: This guide is specific to AppCake but the steps are the same for vShare Procedures Step 1: Launch Cydia from your device and tap Manage, followed by tapping Sources. Step 2: Tap Edit and then tap Add. Put in the repo address as shown below for AppCake and for vShare. Step 3: Click Add anyway when Cydia presents you with a wa

How To Downgrade iOS 6.1.3 To Earlier iOS Versions

So you accidentally updated your device to iOS 6.1.3 without thinking but you want to be able to jailbreak? Well, you can downgrade your device to earlier versions of iOS like 6.1.2, 6.1.1, 6.1, 6.0 and even 5.1.1. The good thing about earlier versions of the iOS is that they can be jailbroken untethered compared to iOS 6.1.3 that can not be jailbroken untethered. Please follow the steps below carefully. Don't skip any step. Also, make sure that you have all the requirements below. For this guide, I am downgrading to iOS 5.1.1 on an iPhone 4 GSM. Consequently, depending on the version you want to restore to (X), iOS 5.1.1 = X for you. REQUIREMENTS Redsn0w 0.9.15b3 6.0 stock IPSW download here 5.1.1 stock IPSW download here 5.1.1 SHSH blobs saved with iFaith 1.5.6 latest version iTunes 11 iReb r7 download here Procedures STEP 1. Download Redsn0w 0.9.15b3 here . Extract and place on Desktop STEP 2. Launch Redsn0w 0.9.15b3 in Administrator mode STEP 3 .

Jailbreak And SHSH blobs

Jailbreak and SHSH blobs can be very confusing for some people especially those that are new to the Apple world. Knowledge they say is power. If you have knowledge and understanding on a particular topic you won't have issues dealing with that topic.   At the time of this writing, it is not recommended to update your iDevice to iOS 6.1.3 if you intend on jailbreaking your device untethered. Furthermore, save your SHSH blobs with the software listed above. However, if you do not plan to jailbreak your device, feel free to update to the latest iOS version . Apple devices are one of the best kind of devices out there. Its so simple to use and relatively stable and reliable but there things you need to know when using an Apple device. Continue after the jump.  This piece is especially recommended for those that are new to using Apple devices and are wondering what all these terms means. Jailbreak   Jailbreak is an activity that involve