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The Amazing Sony Wristwatch Concept

When there will be a change in trends of things in the technology world, it always come in the form of conceptual designs and there are always signs from the internet.  Not so long ago, we started seeing all kinds of wristwatch concepts like the iWatch, Google Wristwatch and now a Sony Wristwatch concept have been revealed. By far, this particular concept is the best I have seen. It was designed by Hiromi Kiriki. This wristwatch is more or less a wearable mobile computer of high design. Its convertibility is the most interesting part of this concept watch (image below). Sony Wristwatch Concept It is constructed out of the organic flexible OLED touchscreen material. You will recall that sometime last year, Nokia revealed a similar technology in Barcelona as regards the Nokia Kinetic phone that is bendable, image after the break. Nokia Kinetic Concept Phone Nokia Kinetic Concept phone This Sony wristwatch concept can be worn as a bracelet and has 3 disti

Blackberry 10 Is Here: Detailed Images And Video

he long wait is over finally! The flood gates are open and Blackberry 10 is unleashed into the wild. As usual two colours of the device are available and there is the full touch screen and one with a physical keyboard. Take a look at the images of the beautiful smart device after the jump.

Must Have Apps For Blackberry Phones

Though the Blackberry device doesn't have as much apps in the App World compared to Apple App Store and the Google App store, yet there are some great applications that are worthy to be mentioned. It's so annoying that if not all then most RIM devices do not give you the opportunity to capture screen or take screen shots. Many smartphones already have that feature embedded in them except of course if one is to call Blackberry phones a semi smartphone; although that is about to change come January 30th. In other for Blackberry phones users to take something as trivial as screen shots, an app have to be downloaded to make that happen. One the most popular screen shot app used by a lot of Blackberry users is the Screen Muncher. I used it once and I didn't like it at all. I hate the crunching sound it makes and the watermark it places on the image with reduced image quality. Consequently, I decided to look more into similar apps that are silent, doesn't include wate