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Obi Worldphone SF1 Speculations and Features

When it comes to buying an android smartphone, the decision to choose one has become more difficult than normal and more often thnn not, the deal breaker is price. This is because even the most basic android smartphone have specifications that will blow your mind away. An example is the Obi Worldphone SF1 with amazing specifications for a very affordable price which we shall break down after the break. Shape and Design Obi Worldphone SF1 is sleek smartphone with great design. The design is more close to that of the Nokia Lumia series, great round sides and a well designed body. The smartphone has a unibody design with metallic accent and a floating glass display. Obi Worldphone SF1 weighs just 147 grams and have dimensions 146 x 78 x 8 mm which is makes it slightly thinner than a lot of android phones out there. Audio wise, you get a great sound with this device Network and SIM Obi Worldphone SF1 is a dual SIM smartphone. SIM slot 1 accepts nano SIM while SIM slot 2

Infinix Zero 3 Full Details

Infinix finally took the wraps off their latest flagship device, the Infinix Zero 3 with model number X552 on December 15, 2015. We have seen the device in all its glory and we know for a fact that this is a great device. Below we will give you a full breakdown of the smartphone and what you should expect when you finally buy yours. Dimensions and Design If you have been following the releases of Infinix devices from the Zero 1, you will note that every Zero series is very sleek, thin and quite very light. The same can be said of the Infinix Zero 3. Infinix Zero 3 is slightly thicker and wider than its predecessor as it measures 154 x 76.7 x 7.85 mm. There is more screen estate given to the X552 compared to X509.  As for design, we get the same rectangle shaped smartphone with sharp edges, the back flushes well to the entire body and when placed on a flat surface it stays flat to the surface. Overall, Infinix ZERO3 is a sleek yet durable device crafted with premium diamond

Infinix Zero 3 Specifications and Features

Tales of Infinix releasing a new Infinix Zero aka X552 is already in the news but with no concrete specifications until now. The new Zero 3 will succeed the Hero 2 as the new high end flagship device for 2016.  Design and Form Factor Infinix Zero 3 has the same form factor as the Infinix Zero 2, retaining the same rectangular, sharp edge form. The bezel is very thing just like the predecessors and the overall device maintains the same sleekness of the zero 2 however, this Zero 3 has a stainless steel frame and diamond texture. The back of the device is expected to have an explosion-proof glass. Screen and Resolution Infinix Zero 3 will be a 5.5 inch display with full HD screen with a pixel density of 400 PPI; we are talking of resolution of at least 1800 x 1280 to give that stunning and crisp screen clarity with vivid colors. The screen will also have a corning gorilla glass 3 for crash resistance and high light transmittance allowing uses to experience greater clarity