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5 Cool Things About The Latest Android Operating System: Android L

Few days ago Google showed us the next version of Android operating system known as the Android L with complete UI (User Interface) overhaul, 3D textual elements and very smooth flow at the Google I/O event. We put together 5 cool things we like about the latest Android L operating system. 1. Bluetooth and Connectivity Android devices have been behind the wearables curve because of inconsistent Bluetooth 4.0 LE support. Android L fixes that, big time. It boosts standard Bluetooth support to 4.1, folds in all the latest profiles, and offers a health-management platform. This isn't just about Android Wear watches, but about making all of the wearables out there work with many more Android phones than they do now. 2. New Soft Control Keys Android's going a little bit Playstation with the new soft keys, one of the most frequent interface elements that every Android user sees. The current lineup are a looping arrow for "back," a pentagon for "home"

Step by Step Guide on How To Jailbreak iOS 7.1 - 7.1.x With Pangu

Just yesterday, a jailbreak tool to jailbreak iPhone 4, 4S, 5C, 5S, iPod Touch and iPad Air/Mini was released to the public. The jailbreak tool known as Pangu have been analyzed be seasoned hackers like Musclnerd and the evad3rs team and have found it to be safe in case some you are not sure of a jailbreak tool from non familiars folks. The guide below, will give you the instructions to safely and easily untether jailbreak your device running iOS 7.1-7.1.x Warning: Jailbreaking voids your warranty Requirements 1. Windows PC 2. Pangu software: Download here 3. Your compatible iPhone running iOS 7.1 - 7.1.x 4. Change Date of phone to June 2nd 2014 or before 5. Remove phone lock to avoid jailbreak issues Procedures 1. Install the pangu software you downloaded to your computer and launch as Administrator by right-clicking and selecting "Run as administrator" in the drop-down menu. 2. Connect your device to the PC and you will notice tha

How To Set Your Android Phone Free From The Dreadful Simplocker Malware

If you have been following news of malware affecting Android devices recently, you would know that the Simplocker malware aka Ransomware is one of the most dreaded malware on Android. The reason isn't far fetched.  Once an android device is infected with the malware, it encrypts all photos, videos and documents on the device and locked away splice that the user of the phone is not allowed to use is files. To get them released, victim is asked to pay a whooping $21 else just bid goodbye to months of accumulated media files an documents. Hope isn't lost though; thanks to team Avast who said they have developed a way to combat this malware and restore order to devices infected and encrypted by Simplocker malware without paying hackers a dime . According to Avast, the newly developed Avast Ransomware Removal app for Android will tackle and resolve the menace of the Simplocker malware. The new avast Ransomware removal app is free to download and

iPhone 6 Rumoured To Have 2K High Clarity Screen

With the way Samsung and LG is pushing boundaries when it comes to smartphone screen resolution, it would be sad if Apple comes up with the iPhone 6 and slam a resolution that is not as brilliant or even more than the Samsung Galaxy S5. Thankfully, rumours that are more plausible have suggested that the soon to be released iPhone 6 will be having a 2K retina display with resolution 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. Why do we think this 2K resolution iPhone 6 is possible? Well, according to recent events where images of Taiwanese Media star and race car driver Jimmy Lin was seen holding the iPhone 6 as pictured below; the source of the released image of Lin confirmed that the iPhone 6 would have a Quad HD display, giving it a 2K resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels like the 5.5-inch LG G3. Furthermore, other sources like well known tipster Sonny Dickson also says that the iPhone 6 will feature a ultra retina screen display with 389ppi. iPhone 6 expected to be released this fall wit

The Perfect Tiny Accessory That Turns Your Wristwatch Into A Powerful Smartwatch

Smartwatch is becoming a very popular term and it generally refers to watches that do more than telling the time. Companies Like Pebble, Samsung and Sony are currently leading the charge but here is something new. What if, you do not want to do away with that expensive non-smartwatch wristwatch and still use it as a smartwatch? Enter Glance, the company that wants to make that happen for you. Glance is a smart- accessory device that transforms your normal wristwatch into a smartwatch with full powerful useful features and yet without all the bloatware that smartwatches are shipped it. Glance can do all the things that smartwatches can do as its directly connected to your phone using Bluetooth LE. Incoming calls, text messages and all form of alerts are very visible and non-intrusive. It can also be triggered to do certain activities using motion. Hence, you don't even need to say anything to make your watch get smart. The accessory has been very much designed t

One Click Process To Rooting Samsung Galaxy Note 3

There are various apps and software to root various kinds of Android devices out there and most are basically ''one click'' kind of rooting software.  Recently, we wrote about VROOT which has worked in rooting a lot of android devices, however, some Samsung devices were immune to the rooting capabilities of VROOT; hence, Kingo Root was tried and worked. Kingo rooting app have been successful in rooting the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and other latest android devices. We shall be showing you how to use Kingo Root to achieve root on your android device using the listed steps below. Requirements 1. Windows Computer 2. Kingoapp 3. Android device in Debugging Mode Steps 1. Download Kingo app from 2. Install the downloaded app and launch the app which we present you with a great interface as shown below. 3. Connect the Android device you intend on rooting and let the app fetch the driver.  4. On fetching, you would be asked to

How To Root Any Android Device With VROOT

In a not-so-long time ago, rooting an android device was quite a very messy and tedious process. However, in recent times, rooting an Android device especially one running 4.0+ has been a piece of cake for majority of the android devices. VROOT seek to make it even easier to root your Android phone running Android 4.0 - 4.3 so that you can have SuperUser access to it. The guide below will help you in achieving a rooted status on your android device using VROOT in no time. Requirements 1. A Windows Computer 2. VROOT software: Download here  3. Android device connected to your computer Procedures 1. Download the VROOT software on your computer from the link provided above 2. Install and Run app after installation. Its in Chinese but don't worry. 3. On first run, you will greeted with the page as shown below. Click on the dialogue box indicated with the red square in the image. 4. Now connect your Android device to the computer and in few seconds you

iOS 8 Jailbreak Release Date

Apple have unveiled their iOS 8 beta 1 version and as you may have expected, many hackers especially in the jailbreak community will start tinkering with it to see how feasible it is to jailbreak.  One popular hacker @i0n1c was the first to state that the jailbreak of iOS 8 beta 1 is very feasible and would be done sooner according to the series of tweets that was posted by him as shown below. Its known that Stefan Esser doesn't release jailbreak exploits publicly therefore, we shall be looking at the Evad3rs and other erudite hackers to look for a way to make the jailbreak possible for iOS 8.  Does this mean that we shall be seeing an iOS 8 jailbreak early when it gets released? Seem like it but we never know until the full version of the iOS 8 becomes available. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for more smartphone and jailbreak news.