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108MP Camera On Samsung Galaxy S11

The 108 MP camera that Xiomi released on their Mi Note 10 and Mi Note 10 pro has got every tech  and camera lovers excited. In fact Mrwhosetheboss said in one of his videos that the Mi Note 10 108 MP camera completely blows Samsung Note 10 camera out of the water. This development have gotten Samsung all mad and now we are seeing a comeback from Samsung Samsung is not the kind of company that like to be outperformed, for this reason Samsung has been working on improving the camera quality on its devices. According to information from XDA Developers, Samsung is working on 108 MP camera. Samsung is prepping its customers for a big release in 2020. According to information available, Samsung Galaxy S11 will have 108MP camera. In addition, the camera would also have the capability to record 8K videos at 30fps. The S11 is going to feature five cameras, one of those cameras will be 108 MP, one for micro shooting, one for wide-angle shooting and dedicated for portrait mode. The fi