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Foursquare for Apple Watch Released

Apple Watch is the latest cool gadget of the town.  Many people want the smartwatch not because it is the best smartwatch in the world but because it is a product made by Apple Inc., and having one just dictates a lot of class. One of the thing Apple watch can do is tell time and give direction.  To take this feature further, Foursquare released an app for the Apple Watch.  The Foursquare app will make it easy to find the best of what is nearby no matter where you are in the world.  The Foursquare app is able to display restaurants or popular nearby spots. In order to use Foursquare app, a download on the iPhone is required and it will automatically show up on your Apple watch.   Make sure you turned on notification in the settings menu of the iPhone and then you can begin receiving notifications as it applies to you.  Although the Apple Watch is still very new in the market, the rate at which apps are popping up will make the watch a very great piece of de

How To Fix Apple Touch ID Bug After iOS 8.3 Update

Apple released iOS 8.3 with lots of bug fixes and enhancements however, a new bug have surfaced affecting quite a number of people using iPhone 5S to the iPhone 6S. This bug was noticed by a lot of people when a request was made to authorize an app with the Touch ID before download begins the result was that Touch ID wasn't responsive to the authorization request.  One way to get this fixed is to go to Settings and click on Touch ID & Passcode. Enter your passcode when asked then switch off iTunes & App Store and then switch it on again. If your already registered fingerprints were deleted after the update, you would need to re-register your fingerprints. Once the above mention steps are completed, the issue should be fixed as reported by some.  Apple may eventually release a fix that will address the issue in the next iteration of iOS 8.3 Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for more smartphone news

Apple Releases iOS 8.3 which Patches Taig Jailbreak

Apple yesterday released an update to the iOS 8 firmware bringing the most recent iOS firmware to iOS 8.3. The release brings good number of fixes and enhancements to the iPhone and just one bad news.  Messages, Siri, Keyboard and Maps have received enhancements that makes them more better to use. For example, the  message quick reply now has an image attached to it view the content of the message has one or more images in it. Another enhancements is in the emoji section giving rise to new emojis that will thrill a lot of peeps.  One bad news with the release of iOS 8.3 will affect those that have a jailbroken devices or want to jailbreak their device. iOS 8.3 have patched the exploit used by Taig and hence no jailbreak will be possible for iOS 8.3 at least for now. Aside this, all other things that comes with the iOS 8.3 are quite good as shown in the release notes detailed below. Improved performance App launch App responsiveness Messages Wi-Fi Control Ce

Tecno Boom J7 Smartphone Specifications, Features and Price

Tecno have finally released their latest medium end smartphone known as the Tecno Boom J7 smartphone. The devices which was announced back in February came with the features that were already leaked but no word on the pricing until now. The mobile device is also designed with some key features that will appeal to quite a number of music lovers; the key sales point for the Tecno Boom J7 is hence its sound production. Lets dive into the specs and features and point out the new features of this smartphone. Network and SIM   The Tecno Boom J7 comes with dual SIM slot; a micro SIM slot and a nano SIM slot. Both SIM slots can work simultaneous, however when it comes to network technologies, SIM one can do 2G/3G and 3.75G while the SIM slot 2 can do only 2G by default. Display and Resolution The display for the Tecno Boom J7 device is commendable. Its a 5.0 inch IPS display smartphone with measurements 143 x 71.9 x 93 mm and with a resolution of 720 by 1280 pixels. This means