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New $5 Smartphone Released To The Market

A $5 (INR 334) Smartphone???? How in the world did they do that???  Is this for real?? Am sure that is the question going on in most people's mind. Of course the reason isn't far fetch.  In the world today, the price of a smartphone will put a dent in most people's pocket. An example is Apple iPhone or even Samsung Galaxy series that cost a whole month's paycheck - or even 2 months in some cases. This huge price on smartphone have made a lot of people, especially low income earners, to stick with their feature phone. However, that trend is about to change. Someone is about to own a smartphone that cost only $5 (INR 334) Ringing Bells,  an Indian based smartphone company is ready to sell a smartphone to anyone that need one for just $5. Yes, just $5 India currently has emerged as a major smartphone market. Big players like Gionee, Miramax, Huawei, BlackBerry, Samsung etc have entered the Indian market to sell smartphones however, the prices these phones are

Huawei G-Power Smartphone Specifications

For the past couple of weeks, the Nigerian public has been speculating and trying to guess what #ThePowerOfSharing! Nigerians can heave a sigh of relief as Huawei is launching the Huawei G-Power #ThePowerOfSharing exclusively on Jumia in Nigeria today, Monday, 15th of February, 2016. Huawei is currently one of the top suppliers of the android smartphones all over the world and their epic antecedents in world Technology leaves much to be anticipated and desired even among those who are not tech enthusiasts. The features of the Huawei G-Power is a tech touché to every Nigerian smartphone user who are in dire need of the phones power sharing formula, long battery life,  a large memory and captivating camera quality. The medium-end, 5 inch, 1280 x 720 IPS  screen smartphone is equipped with a dual SIM 4G LTE technology for fast browsing, android lollipop 5.1 OS, 13 mega pixel back camera and 5 mega pixel front camera. It also has 16 GB internal memory and a microsSD slot