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Microsoft Office Now Free For Android and iOS Devices

Microsoft have decided to make it's very own Microsoft Office Mobile now available free of charge to Android and iOS devices.  The Office suite which was formerly a subscription based package on iOS didn't see so many users because of its subscription. However, making the app completely free to use have seen the app being downloaded greatly within the past 24hrs.  Truth be told; Microsoft Office is one of the best document editor out there. On PC, no other office package can compete squarely. However, on mobile devices, the office package have been found wanting due to Microsoft's tight hold on the package for too long. We have put the app to use on our iPhone and iPad and it has been very solidly built and usage is awesome too.  You can save files to Microsoft One Drive and sync them across your devices and access them quickly from the web interface of your outlook account easily. Download Microsoft Office Mobile for iOS and Android fr

Blackberry Vows To Prosecute Leakers of Its products

New developments coming from the BlackBerry company, specifically from John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry is that there will be a strong crackdown on those personnel or individual that is responsible for leaking company's confidential information.   According to Chen, leaking information of products that are still at their infancy is more detrimental to the company than the good it can create. He furthermore stress the fact that he understands the enthusiasm and curiosity of fans to want to know about latest developments for BlackBerry products and software in the works but maintains that leaking these information is not good for business.  To this end, BlackBerry will therefore take legal actions against those people involved in releasing leaked BlackBerry OS updates and upcoming hardware both internally and externally.  What this means is that it may become less frequent how often we hear leaked information on BlackBerry's future intentions and activities exce

Facebook Buys Oculus Virtual Reality Techonology Comnpany

Oculus Virtual Reality (OVR) head gear is among the latest developments in the virtual reality and gaming world that has caught the attention of so many people including big companies like Google, Apple and the likes.  The company behind OVR head gear known as Oculus VR, had been very consistent with their Oculus Rift project thereby also forcing the likes of Sony to get serious with theirs. However, a very surprinsing turn of events just hit us.  Facebook have bought over the Oculus VR Technology company for a total sum of $2 Billion.  Facebook which recently spent $19 billion on Whatsapp has once again opened its banks to the OVR company.  The buy-over saw Facebook paying $400 million in cash while the remaining $1.6billion will be in Facebook stocks including a potential $300 million in bonuses. Oculus VR was a programme started to give hard core immersive experience of game environments. Therefore, it is quite puzzling as to why Facebook, a social media

iH8sn0w Confirms Untethered iOS 7.1 Jailbreak

Just recently, @winocm tweeted that he was able to untethered jailbreak his iPhone 4 running Apple's newest iOS 7.1 firmware. In similar fashion, @iH8sn0w announced through hi tweeter account that his iPhone 4S running iOS 7.1 now has untethered jailbreak running on it. It was believed earlier that  only A4 devices like the iPhone 4 running iOS 7.1 could be susceptible to an untethered jailbreak, however, iH8sn0w have now demonstrated that his device which is an A5 device has also been jailbroken untethered.  The inal words from these two elite hackers is that there is no plan to release the jailbreak publicly for now. Not releasing the untethered jailbreak publicly makes sense as the exploded used could be used for iOS 8 jailbreak possibly. Releasing it now may allow Apple coders to patch the exploit hence making it difficult to get an iOS 8 untethered jailbreak in a good time.  We shall keep you posted on everything jailbreak as it becomes available. 

New HTC One (M8) Full Specifications and Features

HTC, the Taiwanese comapny have finnally taken the wraps off its new flagship smartphone dubbed the HTC One M8.   The M8 which borrows a lot of design and form from its predecessor, the HTC One (2013 edition) comes with a good number of cool features and specification upgrades especially the finger print sensor located at the back of the device, close to the camera. Network and Bands The HTC M8 comes with network 2G/3G/4G LTE and equipped wit a nano SIM slot. The bands of the M8 makes it suitable to be used in almost every network of the world as it covers bands 2G: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900, 3G: HSPDA/850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900/2100 and 4G: 700/850/1700/1800/1900/2100/2600. Dimensions and Weight HTC M8 has dimensions 146.4 x 70.6 x 9.4 mm (5.76 x 2.78 x 0.37 in) and weighs a total of 160g. Hence it doesn't feel heavy at all when compared to other smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S5. Display and Resolution Like its predecessor, the comes with a 1080p resolution miulitouch dis

Nokia X Now On Sale On Jumia and Slot

Nokia X is now on sale on Jumia and Slot website for slightly different prices; N19,595 on Jumia's website and N21,000 on Slot website . Nokia X which is one of the latest Nokia phones running the heavily modded form of Android with a touch of Windows Phone design. As of this writing, Nokia X+ and XL is not yet available for purchase in Nigeria but will be before the end of April according to sources. In case you have forgotten the features of Nokia X we will like to quickly refresh your memory. Nokia X is a dual SIM phone running Android 4.1.2 operating system on it. It has a multitouch 4.0 inch IPS LCD display with resolution  480 x 800. The Nokia X has 4GB of internal memory with an SD card slot that supports up to 32GB of memory card space. A RAM of 512MB is placed on the device As for processor, the Nokia X has a dual core 1.0GHz Cortex A5 Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8225 S4 Play processor with Adreno 203 GPU chip. The device has a 3.15mp

Google's Android Wear: Definition and Explanation

In case you find yourself on the hot seat at Who Wants To Be A Millionaire show and the question to get you to $1 million is "What is Android Wear"? we wouldn't expect you to have extensive understanding of Android Wear. To cut to the chase, Android Wear is the latest and newest form of Android operating system designed specifically for wearable computers as its usually called. That is, gadgets that you can wear on your body and Google is starting off with smartwatches. Android Wear was announced by Google on Tuesday 18th 2014 Motorola Moto 360 and LG G watch are going to be the first type of smartwatches based on Android Wear OS. Google believes that wearable computers are going to become very huge in the near future and wants to be a big player in that future. What Google seek to achieve is that information moves with you and you wont have to bother about carrying something heavy in your hand like a smartphone. An excerpt from Google's blog site

iPhone 6 Casing Prototype Revealed

Before any iPhone is released, rumors and leaked images fly around like bullets in a war zone and the iPhone 6 won't be any different.  iPhone 6 is according to information from various sources is expected to have two variant: One with 4.7 inch display and the other with 5.5 inch display.  Today a prototype of the iPhone 6 Casing was leaked from a Japanese source. The images seem to corroborate the fact that the iPhone 6 due for September will in fact come with 2 larger iPhone models; larger than any iPhone we have seen before.  Although we are still not taking the image leaked hook line and sinker as being the real deal but again still, the iPhone 6 would come with bigger screens.  Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for more smartphone gist.

BlackBerry Reaches Agreement To Sell Its Real Estate Holdings In Canada

The struggling Canadian smartphone with manufacturing company have reached agreement to sell most of its real estate holdings in Canada to help the company have enough cash to turn the company around.   According to bloomberg, BlackBerry will sell more than 3 million square feet of space, plus vacant properties and lease back some of it in transaction expected to close by the end of May.  Although the Waterloo based company didn't disclose the name of the company buying over its real estate, it is believed that whoever or which ever company is involved with making the deal with BlackBerry will have to part with as much as $491 million dollar.  This $491 million will be based on sales prices for previous BlackBerry buildings and leaseback agreements as said by Ted Davis a property broker with Avison Young Inc. who specialises in southwestern Ontario.  These are desperate times for BlackBerry which calls for extreme measures by the company to gain a sizeable amou

LG Teases About Its Smartwatch With Images

Cos ordering that Motorola have given us insight I to its moto 360 smartwatch, LG has just given us her sneak peek to what her own smartwatch will look like when it gets released.   moto 360 round smartwatch LG smartwatch is known as the G Watch and would have the traditional square face unlike moto 360 round face. The watch is just 1.65 inch in display with a PPI of 240.  LG G smartwatch Further reports also stated that the battery life of the watch will be good enough to go for more than 3 days after a full charge.  The image which was released on Twitter via LG's twitter handle didn't offer any more information concerning the internal specs of the smartwatch however, LG has promised that the device would be the first Android Wear product on the market suggesting that it will hit the market before Motorola's moto 360 smartwatch.  We promise to keep you posted on this as information becomes available.  Like our Facebook page and follow

BlackBerry 10.3 OS Running on Z10 Spotted

B lackBerry 10.2 is still great with its new features and the ability to run Android apps on with makes it even better.  Even better is the news that guys over at N4BB have sighted a seemingly BlackBerry 10.3 OS running on a BlackBerry Z10 device. The images below show what the new OS would look like including the changes implemented. Home screen The icons on the home screen looks flater than the current icons on 10.2.1. Intelligent Assistant Well well, it looks like BlackBerry would be finally having its own native assistant. Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana would have a new competitor in BlackBerry OS 10.3. New keyboard Layout and Colours There is a slight change in the keyboard layout. Its now minimalistic and the colour scheme of the operating system is now Black with a touch of Red. Battery Saving BlackBerry is looking for ways to save battery of the device when not in use. Therefore what was implemented is that the backlight of th

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Full Specifications

Samsung have released a new version of the Samsung Galaxy Grand known as the teamSamsung Galaxy Grand 2. The Galaxy Grand was a quite successful device last year but had its drawbacks in the area of weight, bulkiness and display resolution. In the new Galaxy Grand 2, Samsung did a big upgrade in almost every area where the former Grand was found wanting. This was done by not only increasing the specs of the device but also in reducing the bulkiness, weight and also providing a faux stitched leather feel to the back of the device. The bezel is slimmer and display is better too. First of all, the Grand 2 now has a screen display of 5.25 inch with a 720p (280PPI) resolution which is higher than the old galaxy grand with a WVGA 480 x 800. Also, the processor of the Galaxy Grand 2 is a quad core Qualcomm MSM8226 Snapdragon 400 1.2ghz Cortex A7 CPU with Adreno 320 as its GPU. Hence dropping the Broadcom processor found in the old grand.  Samsung also bumped up the RAM

Pegatron To Start Manufacturing iPhone 6

Pegatron is a Taiwanese electronic manufacturing company with manufacturing facilities in China. The company has recently landed a new deal with Apple to manufacture the iPhone 6 as reported by Commercial Times today. According to reports, Pegatron is opening up new factory space in China to begin preparing for the manufacture of the iPhone 6 during the second quarter of 2014. The source did not give specifics on when the manufacturing will actually begin or when its expected to be completed for release. However, it was stated that Hon Hai Precision Industry, which is a contract Taiwanese company would be the other primary manufacturer of the new iPhone 6. iPhone 6 is expected to have two variants; one with a 4.7" display and the other with a 5.5" display and release will most probably be September 2014. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for more stories on iPhone 6 as it develops.

iPhone 6 Form Factor and Sensors Revealed

iPhone 6 is among one of the anticipated devices for 2014. We are all looking to what Apple will give to us in September. One of the rumors that have flooded the internet is that iPhone 6 will be of two types. One will feature a bezel - free screen that would be as wide as 5.5inches while the other would be slightly smaller at around 4.7inches. Personally, am looking forward to a bezel free iPhone 6 with high definition screen. iPhone 6 concept design by Federico Ciccarese. According to a new report, the iPhone 6 will feature a range of new in-built sensors — including one for temperature, one for atmospheric pressure, and one for humidity. The report comes for sources who spoke to Sun Chang Xu, news chief analyst at ESM-China, suggesting that Apple will include new sensors on its next generation iPhone to match (and possibly better) those features found in the Samsung Galaxy S4. We are waiting and anticipating the release of iPhone 6 alongside iOS 8 come S

Samsung Galaxy F Series Images Leaked

Samsung is doing well in the smartphone industry and its no little thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S series line of smartphones.  As good as the Samsung S series are, one of the issues that has lingered is that Samsung keep using a plastic outer covering for the smartphone thereby rendering the device less premium than some of its competition like iPhone, HTC etc. Well, in other to do something about this, Samsung is releasing a new line of smartphones known as the Samsung Galaxy F series which would come in metallic outer covering instead of the plastic. Well, someone has gone to the process of creating a concept  of what the Galaxy F might look like and we present you with those images below. What do you think about the images? You want Samsung Galaxy F to come in that form factor or not? Drop your comments below. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for more smartphone gist and helps.

Screenshots of iOS 8 Homescreen Leakes

iOS 7 is becoming gradually old even though iOS 7.1 was just released few days back.   Rumors of iOS 8 isn't new as its well known that by now, Apple would obviously be working on the next Apple device and the iOS version on it. For now, we do know a little about the next gen iPhone but no so much about the iOS until now when a screenshot of an iPhone running iOS 8 firmware was leaked as shown in the image below. From the image, you would see an icon known as Healthbook, TextEdit, Preview and another known as Tips. We do not have a full understanding of what these apps would do but the name alone pave way for us to believe that the iPhone 6 would by "health-conscious". Not only was a section of the home screen leaked, but also a screenshot of the About section was leaked. While we can't say much about the legitimacy of the images, yet in does offer some amount of insight to what we should be expecting in iOS 8.  Definitely, the final product wou

Upgrading and Jailbreaking iOS 7. 1

Apple have released its latest iteration of the iOS firmware, iOS 7.1, to the public after much testing of the betas. iOS 7.1 have been seen as a more stable and faster firmware than iOS 7.0 and this was in part why it is noticed that iOS 7.1 run more smoothly on the iPhone 4 than its predecessor. Going forward, you may like to upgrade your phone firmware to iOS 7.1 so that you can enjoy the best things that it comes with; like fluidity, stability, Car Play support, and some other enhancements made to the likes of Siri, Safari etc. The advice above is for those that do not care about their iPhone being jailbroken or not. However, if you are the kind that wants your iPhone or iPad to be jailbroken and you can't imagine yourself with an Apple mobile device that is not jailbroken, then, you are advised to stay away and refrain from updating your device to iOS 7.1. This later advice is due to the fact that Apple have plugged the exploits used by evasi0n7 to jai

Cookoo Smartwatch For iPhone and Android Devices

The rise of wearable computers is just at its infancy but picking up pace steadily. Samsung Gear, Pebble Smartwatch are one of the big players in the Smartwatch industry; however, their prices are high. Because of this, not so many people have a smartwatch especially here in Nigeria. Thank goodness, there is a relatively cheap and good smartwatch for you. Its called Cookoo Smartwatch which is now being sold for N23,000 from online store and gets even cheaper when you use the coupon code OFFAXNkD during purchase. Designed to simplify your life, the cookoo watch has a beautifully designed analog watch face with easy to read icons to display the information you need anywhere, anytime.  The smart, user-friendly interface will easily keep you connected and help manage your phone, apps, and social networks. What can you do with the Cookoo smartwatch? See the list below. Accept Incoming calls See Missed calls Facebook messages and posts

How to connect your USB flash drive , xbox pad etc to your android phone

Most usually, there is a need to have more space on your Android phone after you have used up the one the device came with. One very good way you can do this increment is to connect a flash drive to your android phone and make it the default wrote disk for any app you choose to install at that particular point in time. Better still, you can move apps and audios to the external drive and at each time you need to listen to the songs or watch those videos, just plug in your ext. drive and you are good to go. Now, the question is, how do you achieve the task of connecting a flash drive to your phone?  The first way which is very straightforward is to use SanDisk new USB drive that has the micro USB male connector (pictured below) and then just plug it to your phone. By doing this, your phone will automatically see the drive and it can be used for the purpose you wish. The second method is; which is due to the fact that the SanDisk drive may not be avai