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Infinix Zero versus Tecno Phantom Z Smartphone Comparison

Infinix Zero smartphone is a wonderful phone, one that will impress, wow and make a lot of sale. This smartphone which we have had the opportunity to play with for a long time has won our admiration and thumbs-up. Conversely, Tecno Phantom Z is a very desirable phone and we have also had the opportunity to play with it for a couple of days now since it was released and I can tell you that its also a beautiful and solid phone. However, after playing with these two great devices from Infinix and Tecno, we are now ready to give you our opinion regarding both devices and how well they stack up to each other. Also, we shall need your opinion on this. in our usual fashion, we shall present you with a color coded table of specifications for both devices and we shall use colors to specify where one device trumps the other in spec strength.  Green coded block means a strength while yellow coded block shows a weakness in relation to the other device. A colorless blo

12.9inch iPad shown off and Ready for Release

Rumors of Apple intending to release a 12.9inch iPad is already going through the internet within the past few hours.   The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) first release the notion that Apple will release a 13" iPad in one of their articles in 2013.  By 2014, this news have become more plausible as Bloomberg recently revealed that Apple have started putting things together to make the 12.9 inch device ready for release in 2015. If Apple do indeed release a 12.9inch iPad in 2015, then it will be in direct competition to the likes of Samsung Pro 12inch tab and Microsoft Surface tablets.  The stakes are high in the mobile and computing industry and if the market for larger display tablets is large enough, Apple will definitely join in the market; something we've seen Apple do during Tim Cook reign with the release of iPad mini and the soon to be released Apple phablet - the iPhone 6. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for more sma

We Ask Siri Some Questions and She Said This

Once in a while we find ourselves less busy and ready for some play time. This time we just decided to play with Siri on our iPhone by asking her some questions. These are the dialogue that we had with Siri.  Siri can be fun at times especially when you ask funny questions. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for more smartphone gist. 

Infinix Zero Smartphone Can Now Be Pre-Ordered From Here

Finally, Infinix have taken the wraps off the Infinix Zero smartphone - one of the best Infinix phone of 2014. The device was officially launched at the Protea Hotel in Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria. I can see smiles on some people's face already - knowing that the wait is finally over! The same goes for us too.   The Infinix Zero smartphone is one of those phones you will love holding and flaunting due to it's sleek and premium build and we shall be giving you a full review soon enough.  Meanwhile it's imperative that we remind you of the specs.  Infinix Zero is an Android KitKat 4.4.2 smartphone with a dual mini SIM card with 2G and 3.75G network capabilities with a OTA update support.  A very slim and beautifully built smartphone; the device is only 7.9mm thick and 140mm wide. The sound output is just splendid. The outside speakers are capable at producing sounds.  The 5.0inch screen is stunning which is as a result of t

Mom Develops App That Shutdown Phone If SMS is Ignored

A lot of people get mad when they text someone and no reply is seen however parents hates it even more when they send SMS to their wards without a response especially when it's an emergency.  Well, one mom decided it's high time she  did something about the issue; consequently she resorted to building a smartphone app that will shut down the phone if her text message is ever ignored or not replied.  According to the mom - Standifird, "I need to develop an app that shuts down the phone and you can't even use it".  She calls the name of the "Ignore No More" and it allows parents to remotely lock their children's phone remotely when their calls/text messages are ignored.  Although, this is a good thing however what if the child is driving or doing something which makes him incapable of replying at that point in time? Our opinion is that the app should lock some features of the smartphone like internet, camera etc r

iPhone 6 versus Samsung Galaxy Alpha Comparison

The iPhone 6 is not released yet but we have a great idea of what it's going to look like. Also, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha is a wonderfully made phone that is also not available yet.  These two phones are going to be one of the best phones of 2014; going by the design, build and specifications. They would most probably be released if not at the same time, it will be days apart come September 2014.  Below is a side by side comparison of the iPhone 6 versus the Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone.   What do you think? Which looks better and which one would you go for if money isn't a problem? Drop comments below.  Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for more smartphone gist. 

BlackBerry Passport: All You Need To Know

BlackBerry Passport is that awkwardly looking smartphone from BlackBerry geared towards the business oriented folks that want to achieve more from their smartphones. This phone was announced in June 2014 and since then it's gotten a lot of attention mostly because of it's shape and look.  BlackBerry have made the Passport a phone to be desired especially with the specifications and the features embedded in the device. This we shall cover below.  The design and shape of the blackberry Passport phone is crazy and awkward enough to catch your attention. However, there's a reason why the smartphone in question is designed that way. Screen Size and Resolution The BlackBerry Passport is a multitouch screen 4.5inch smartphone with a resolution of 1440 x 1440 pixels having 16M colours. One of the reasons for this highly square screen with 1440 x 1440 pixel is due to the fact that research has it that documents viewed on a mobile device is best with a s

Full Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Specs Gets Leaked

Rumors of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 had been in the wild for a while but no actual word on specifications and pricing until now.  An online retailer have released the specifications and tentative price tag of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.  From the specs which you can see below, it's obvious that Samsung is pushing the boundaries of smartphone displays and RAM size. Also, the spec shown is a huge upgrade to last year Note 3.  Although camera spec is missing from the image below, one could guess a 16 mega pixel camera to come with the Galaxy Note 4. We shall allow the spec properties in the image speak for itself.  Honestly, it's better owning a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 if power and productivity is important to you than to get galaxy S5 or Galaxy Prime smartphones especially when funds is not a problem.  Due to the large success of Samsung line of Phablets, other competitors like Sony, HTC and even Apple have become are bringing in devices in the Phable

5 New Apps For Android That Are Completely Free

There are too m any apps in the Google Play Store and it will be very impossible to keep abreast them all and yet new ones are constantly being added on a daily basis. However, we try to point your attention to good apps that may interest you. Here are few new apps that you may like going by general review and completely free. 1. Street Fighter Hero 2014 This is a 2D game that follows the classic arcade style game and just as the name suggest, you fight your way through the streets. Popular user review gives the 13MB size game 4 stars. You should try it out since it's lightweight and free then give us a feedback. 2. CSR Racing When it comes to racing games on smartphones, the number of names you can call aren't too much however CSR racing is one of those names that's in the list of worthy names. The game is a racing game with powerful graphics and cars. Stability is also very good and it's completely free. If you are in the mood for a car