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Tecno Phantom N9 Video Review

Tecno Phantom N9 Pad is the first and only tablet released by TECNO Mobile. Its being in the market for about 2 months or more now and it has been greeted with good success partly because of its price (N35,000) and also because of the build and specifications. In case you want to buy this pad but not sure and you need a video review to convince you, please find the link below and you would be the video review of this device. Perhaps, that would give you an insight to how the device looks like in operation and help you make your decision. Tecno Phantom N9 Video Review Link: Tecno Phantom N9 One of the news that has filtered to my hear of recent is that Tecno devices would be scarce for a while due to on going issues that needs to be settled with the Nigerian Communications Commission. Like our Facebook Page and follow on Twitter for info on issues as they unfold .

Untethered iOS 6.1.3 Jailbreak For iPhone 4 Has Been Found

There's a strong possibility that iOS 6.1.3 will see an untethered jailbreak soon for iPhone 4 as tweeted by a hacker by the Twitter handle @Winocm. Presently, only iPhone 3GS old bootrom can be jailbroken untethered on iOS 6.1.3. iPhone 4 and 3GS (New BR) can be jailbroken tethered only while iPhone 4S and 5 can't be jailbroken at all.  However, according to @winocm, he believes that he has found a binary code that can be used to achieve an untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4 on iOS 6.1.3 but "it needs some work". That was the good news which lasted for about 2hrs, then came the bad news.   Although he was quick to point out that the code "barely work on the iPhone 4" and thus he's not too sure it would work out. That is just wicked! That was the bad news. Seriously! Some people's hope were just dashed! Some may come down with a heart attack for they have waited for a news of untethered iOS 6.1.3 jailbreak for their iPhone 4 like foreve

Jumia Launches Its First App For Android Devices

Jumia has launched its native app for Android devices.   Jumia is that reputable online shopping store that you can buy all your things from and sent to you. Its the Amazon of Nigeria and its present in Nigeria and 4 other African countries. To further make a statement of how serious they are in getting people to shop, they have released their first Android app to the Google Play Store. This app gives you access to buy all your items,  be it phones, computers,  fashion materials etc.beware though, the prices displayed from the app seem to differ from what is presented on the official website . Once you choose an item that catch your attention, you are presented with another screen showing you the rating, specifications and price of the item. Furthermore, you can add the item to cart or select the "call to order"  option which immediately activate a phone call.  Finally, you can directly share items Info to Facebook, Twitter and other soc

Latest Airtel and Etisalat BIS Data Plans That Work For Your Android, iPhone Smartphones and Tablets

Update: Effective 3rd of December 2013, Airtel BIS plans will stop working on non BlackBerry phones.  You are advised not to subscribe such plans in your non BlackBerry phone(s)  ------------------------------------------------------------------- It has being observed that as smartphones get better, offering outstanding screen resolution, better camera power and faster modems so also is the data consumed by these smartphones also rising. It may also be due to the what one can achieve with the smartphone when connected to the internet. For example, visiting Facebook and uploading an image that is huge in size, record videos and upload to YouTube, make purchases online, communicate constantly with emails.   The need for more data on our smartphones is surging dramatically but it seem as though Nigerian telecoms network don't want their consumers to have an affordable plan that will cater for their Internet data needs except for BlackBerry devices which enjoy such reasonable

New Sony Xperia Z Outstanding Tablet: Specs & Features

F or many a people, owning a tablet is very important but choosing which one to get can be problematic and a onerous experience.  While Samsung and Apple tablets are taking centre stage, some may not like the UI of these tablets and may want a different feel and UI. If you are one of these people, then the Sony Xperia Z should appeal to you. Xperia Z is a beautifully crafted 10.1 inch tablet with stunning HD graphics, display specification and features. The display is like having a LED TV on a tablet. Not only is this device carrying a HD screen, its also a durable device; being water and dust proof. Consider the following specifications below if you are not yet convinced. Weight & Dimensions X peria Z is quite light, having a weight of just 495g and a dimension of 6.8 x 10.47 x 0.24 inches. Processor T hough the Xperia Z is light yet its highly powerful. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, quad-core processor of 1.5GHz powering the device while it

New Press Image of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0

New image of Samsung Galaxy tab 3 7.0 in blue have surfaced online. This new image shown below is that of Samsung Galaxy tab 3 7.0 in blue and was leaked by @evleaks who usually show images of unreleased products . Earlier this year, April to be precised, Samsung announced Tab 3 7.0 was leaked in golden brown colour. This time around, this new leak is that of a deep blue coloured galaxy tab 3 7.0. This device is expected to have 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM and running Android Jelly Bean 4.1. Furthermore, it will also feature a 1024 x 600 display, 3MP camera and up to 16GB storage internally with the option to upgrade with a MicroSD card slot. Samsung has a lot of devices to unveil at the Samsung Unpacked Event by September 4th and it is possible that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 get a litle time of attention for it to be showcased.

High Quality Image of iPhone 5S and 5C Leaked

New high quality images of the iPhone 5S and 5C have appeared online again. Apart from the factory image of these devices that was leaked, another image just surfaced online again. These latest leaked images have come from Apple researcher Sonny Dickson , who has recently established a reputation as a reliable source for many Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C leaks. One question that someone asked was that "is the iPhone 5C cheap for both Apple and you or for just Apple alone"? Apple is set to unveil the iPhone 5S and 5C by September 10th and it can be said that everything needed to make sure that the devices are ready before the unveiling event is being put in place. iPhone 5S would have black, white and champagne colours and the iPhone 5C would have Red, Blue, Yellow and White range of colours. The latest leak by Dickson involves the champagne colored iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C with various colour cases.  Although some have said that the iPhone 5C is jus

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Tenders His Retirement Letter

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer who has during his time  made great achievements towards to growth of Microsoft and also to an almost same degree made some wrong turns is set to retire 12 months from now.  Although some may and may not like some of his decisions over the past years till now, but the truth is that since he took mantle as CEO of the company, he has according to  him increase the worth of Microsoft from $7.5 million with 30m employees to $75 billion with almost 100,000 employees. That is a great achievement and should be applauded as he bows out in a good way. Ballmer on Friday released his retirement letter and it read as shown below. I am writing to let you know that I will retire as CEO of Microsoft within the next 12 months, after a successor is chosen. There is never a perfect time for this type of transition, but now is the right time. My original thoughts on timing would have had my retirement happen in the middle of our transformation to a devices

How to Block Unwanted Persons From Calling, Texting or Sending VoiceMail

For one reason or the other, one may need to unfriend, runaway or stop talking to someone. It might even be a crazy Ex or someone you gave your number to mistakenly and now you don't want this person to call you anymore because its becoming a nightmare. Or perhaps the pain of seeing his or name is too much for you to bear. Well, there is a nice Android app to help you forget that contact or number in a "graveyard", making the person "Dead to You" This app is called Dead2Me Call & Text Blocker . With this app, you can block a number from texting or calling you. Blocking the contact will remove that contact from your phone book list so that you don't even see the name. The app uses words like bury and resurrect. When you bury a number, the number can't get through to you and when you are in a better mood you can resurrect the number again.   One nice feature is that it can also make it impossible for buried numbers to send you v

iPhone 5S and 5C Arrival Date

There had been a long break since Apple released a flag ship smartphone but that is about to change in few days when Apple shall unveil iPhone 5S and 5C to the world come September 10th. Well, once its unveiled, it would start shipping as fast as possible.  Japan for example would be seeing both iPhones released to their market by September 20th. The US would of course see it by September 10th and other parts of Europe would see it by September 15th being sold. Chine  on the other hand won't see the iPhone 5S and 5C being retailed until end of November following some issues with the device meeting some requirements. The Android scene had seen countless release of devices during the space that Apple had not release any new phone and it seems as though Android is the king but once Apple make a release come September, be sure to see the stores flooded and charts bursting out of range as a result of Apple new products. Well, as every other Apple fan, we can't

Google Building Its Own Driverless Cars

Following the news that Google spent $250M in investing in Uber this morning o that of Google making its own driverless cars aka "robo taxis". Although Google had been working on software to help major automakers build self driving cars, it won't be wrong for it to build one of its own. Consequently, Google started designing and building its own full fledged self-driving cars. This means that Google I also in control of the entire manufacturing process. The self driving car is rumoured to be a taxi that would pick up people from their abode or position rather than a car to be purchased by individuals due to high manufacturing cost of the prototype (around $150k).  More on the matter would shed more light on the direction Google is going with the driverless car in the near future.

BlackBerry Trade-In Program Coming To Nigeria Soon

Seeing how successful BlackBerry trade-in program had been in India where the sales of BlackBerry Z10 have boosted by 40%, it won't be surprising to see BlackBerry doing the same in other areas and Africa especially - in fact it's an excellent idea for it to be done worldwide. As far as Africa is concerned, Nigeria is a place where a lot of smartphone users own BlackBerry devices more than any other smartphone. However, there are more older BlackBerry devices being used than there are BlackBerry 10 devices used due to the high price of the newer BlackBerry 10 devices. Consequently, it would be a wise choice to extend the trade-in programme used in India in Nigeria. The result seen in India would automatically be seen in Nigeria also. It shouldn't be too difficult to know that this tactic is very good in retaining doubtful fans and fans that are about to bolt out of the BlackBerry atmosphere.  Furthermore BlackBerry 10 users will automatically increase the morale of develope

Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Specs Revealed

Galaxy Gear Smartwatch is that wrist watch that Samsung is going to reveal alongside Galaxy Note III come September 4th 2013 at the Samsung Unpacked Event. Up until now, we do not know what specs and features to expect from Galaxy Gear but thanks to GigaOM, we now have some information on the specs of the First Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch. From the info from GigaOM, the watch would have a touch screen 2.5 inch OLED display, a dual core processor for great performance with a sufficient up-to-the-task battery to power the device. Furthermore, the Galaxy Gear will have a Bluetooth 4.0 hardware built-in with sensors including accelerometer. Obviously, with the help of a Bluetooth earpiece one can communicate with this device, initial calls,set alarms etc.  The Korean company isn't stopping there yet.  There would also be a camera and speaker support built into the strap of the watch. It is assumed that the device would be running on Android Jelly Bean and can be seamlessly connected to a

New YouTube Update Supports Multitasking

YouTube recently updated their app for both Android and iOS to versions 5.0 and 2.0 respectively.  This new update brings a new very important feature to the table. This new feature allows one to watch a video and in the process search for another video to watch. This new multitasking feature is almost like having a split screen, where one screen play the present video being watched and the one below gives you the option to search for playlist or view comments to currently playing video. Alternatively, you could move the screen of the present video below in one corner and then search for videos at the top part of the screen. At any point, you could move the presently playing video to any part of the screen or make it full screen by turning your device horizontally. Furthermore, when your search results are returned, you can click on the "play all" button to play all the videos in the search result. Isn't this awesome? YouTube user experience is getting better for every up

Apple Will Stop iPhone 5 Production and Retailing For iPhone 5S

We are nearer to the launch of Apple iPhone 5S and 5C which have been slated for September 10th. As we wait earnestly to see what exactly the fruit company packs into this new iteration of iPhone, new information have surfaced suggesting that Apple would stop the production and retailing of iPhone 5 in favour of iPhone 5S and 5C. Initially, it was believed that iPhone 5, 5S and 5C would be sold altogether.  However analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI securities says that Apple may completely ditch the iPhone 5 for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. This move according to Kuo, would give iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C which do have a similar shape to iPhone 5, a better chance of selling strongly as compared to if iPhone 5 was being offered alongside the latest unreleased iPhones. What this means that only iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C would be selling. Also, seeing that at the time iPhone 5C would be released, iPhone 5 may drop to the same price of iPhone 5. Instead of having two

How To Check if Your iPhone is Factory Unlocked or Not

One of the things about purchasing an iPhone from another person and not directly from vendor is that sometimes they may be locked to a network and so other network SIM card won't work on it.  Factory unlocked iPhone is more pricey than one that is locked to a network. Well, there is a easy way to check if the iPhone you want to buy is factory unlocked or not. METHOD 1 One method is to remove the current SIM in the device and out in another SIM from another network and see if it displays network bars. For example, put in a SIM from say AT&T and One from Verizon and see if network bars are displayed. METHOD 2 Another method is to use an application called iTools. On installing iTunes and iTools to your computer and connecting the iPhone to your computer, you can tell if the device is factory unlocked or not.  Launch iTools and the first page you would see will tell you that your device is activated. By click on view details, another window will come up and g

Apple Developer Site Would Be Offline Today

Apple have released a notification to developers telling them of a brief maintenance that would be carried out on the Developers website and Developer program services. The maintenance would be from today August 17th at 6pm PDT but Apple didn't specify when the maintenance would be finished and developer services back online.  We do know that a lot of work is being put in place by Apple to make sure that things go well as we wait for the iOS 7 Gold master to drop for further testing and finally the official unveiling of iPhone 5S and 5C.

New List of TECNO Mobile Products Releasing Soon

TECNO Mobile have recorded outstanding increase in the volume of phones they have sold in 2013. As of this writing, TECNO has four product line which are targeted at various people with various pocket size. The product line are designated using numbers 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 which refer to the low-end phones to high end phones. See here for more info. Recently we saw  two new devices from the low-end namely L3 and M3 and two high end, F7 and N9 and are doing well too. However, the middle end "5" guys have been left behind but not for long though. TECNO will release new set of medium end smartphones and one with a physical keyboard too before the end of September. By September, we should be seeing a TECNO P5 and R1 TECNO phones.  These phones would  be running the latest Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and would have dual core processors, 5mp - 8mp camera but may feature 512mb of RAM. Also, there is an indication of a Android 4.3 X7 TECNO phone and V9 p in the

New App "PEEK" Conducts Diagnostic Eye Test Using Your Phone

It is amazing what our smartphones are capable off. Apart from the fact that they can be distractions to our daily lives with the numerous games, social media apps, they can also be a blessing to numerous people around the world. PEEK – a smart-phone based system for comprehensive eye examinations in even the remotest of settings. It is easy to use, affordable and portable. This application is a full eye test centre on your phone. In the comfort of your space, you can do an eye test. This is especially useful in areas where eye test centres are not within reach or even expensive to use. As of now, 285 million people worldwide are visually impaired 39 million of these people are blind 80% of blindness is avoidable 90% of blind people live in low-income countries PEEK seek to address the issue of early testing of eye defects to avoid blindness or other eye problems. PEEK is ale to do the following: Patient record with Geo-tagging Visual Acuity Visual fiel