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How To Jailbreak iOS 6.1.3

Apple have released the next update of their iPad, iPod and iPhone operating system to version 6.1.3. Earlier in the March when the betas were out, it was suggested that jailbreakers shouldn't upgrade to this version should it become live because it patches the exploits used by Evasion to achieve an untethered jailbreak on all iDevices running iOS 6.x. A little definition will suffice. Tethered jailbreak means that when the device is powered off or run out of battery, one will need to connect the device to the computer to boot up again using Redsn0w On the other hand, Untethered jailbreak means that if device is powered off or battery runs down, device will boot up normally without the need to plug into a computer nor boot up with Redsn0w Well, finally, iOS 6.1.3 is out and some people would have failed to heed to warning not to upgrade their devices to the latest version if  they intend on keeping their untethered jailbreak achieved in iOS 6.1.2. All hope isn't lost as

How To Recover Files From Hard Drives, Phones, Flash Drives etc

All smartphones and computers have memories where all kinds of files are stored. Most of our images, audio files, documents etc are usually stored on external hard drives, internal drives, memory cards etc. Consequently, whenever our files suddenly vanish from the ext/int drive, memory cards etc or these drives get corrupted with only the option to format, it could mean a huge loss of data and one starts panicking and regretting the choice not to have a backup somewhere. Sometimes formatting may not even be possible as it may be giving you error. The only option is to recover the files you have on it and then get another memory. fortunately, there is a way to retrieve these files in the event that your drive gets damaged or corrupted. There are various recovery softwares with varying degree of efficiency that can get the job done. Some are good with images, videos while some are good with text file etc. In this post the software used is good with image and videos. To rec

How To Maximise Battery Life of Your Gadgets

Smartphones and technological gadgets are very important to us in this era and dispensation. Its so important that we can hardly go anywhere without them. However, without batteries, these devices will be just a pile of fancy, expensive junk. Therefore, batteries are as important to humans as the gadgets they carry around. Though, smartphones pack in a lot of juice in battery power inside of them. Yet, its still never enough It is therefore very pertinent that we take good care of our batteries in other to maximize and get the best out of it for a longer time. One common way that some people have used to improve a battery performance is putting the battery in freezer for 24hrs. In doing this, the battery bounces back to life. I have tried this and it actually worked for me. (steps would be outlined below) Example of Li-ion battery Below are few steps that should be taken to increase the battery life of Lithium - ion batteries found in most gadgets. High Temperatu