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Apple's "Proactive" to compete with Google Now

Recently sources have suggested that apple is working hard to beat the competition of Google Now with a new service codenamed "Proactive". While Google Now which is available on iOS devices and Microsoft's Cortana available on Microsoft 10, Android and iOS devices, it's time for Apple to make their move too. Proactive will have the same function as Google Now and reports from 9to5mac suggest that Proactive will provide information based on user data and usage. It seems that Proactive will be a replacement for "Spotlight" search feature and it's going to be located on the left side of the homescreen. This service or we could say "digital assistant" is rumored to come along with a lot revolutionary features which will be mentioned below. Apple's main focus with this service is going to be on sophisticating and improving the maps and the information it displays. One of the improvements could be on Map's Points of interest

Google I/O conference 2015: The announcements

Two days ago Google has just started their annual  Google I/O conference to introduce the latest news starting from Android M the newest mobile OS to android wear, new features and so on. Here are some of the amazing stuff that Google has introduced in the first day of the conference. Android M : The newest android version Good news for those who have Android devices: Google in the first day of the conference decided to debut Android M, the newest android version.  Android M has a lot new features, updates, and other things too. Just as it was expected, Google's focus was on fixing bugs from the previous Android lollipop version however the most important thing or probably the best thing about the Android M is the work that has been done regarding security and privacy.  Google managed to boost the security by adding app permissions with a new build. That means if you install an app and it asks about permissions you don't have to agree with all of them. One now ha

Direct Download Link for the New Google Photos App

Google I/O event which took place yesterday, the 28th of May 2015, was one that revealed a lot of good products Google has to offer the world. Among the various products revealed, Android M, the newer iteration of android and Google Photos are one of the most exciting features that were revealed.  Speaking of Google Photos, Google is now offering Google Photos as a standalone app on iOS and has made it even more useful, efficient and powerful than it previously was. With the new Google Photos, pictures can be grouped together based on the time it was taken, place it was taken, people in the pictures, and even based on events. What this means is that if you can now make search query on a particular person and all pictures where that person appears would be displayed. When the search button is clicked on, faces of all involved in the entire photo album shows, and by tapping the image of one person, all the entire that person appear on are displayed.   Geo-location inf

Report: New features for the 12 inch iPad

After many rumors and discussions about the so called "iPad Pro" online, there appear to be a more factual information that has shed some light on what Apple is going to bring the world with respect to the newest iPad. It's not hard to notice that Apple is working hard to come out with some fresh features such as by side-by-side app viewing and support for multiple users according to the latest report by 9to5mac. Originally, Apple planned to debut the side-by-side viewing feature last year in the iPad Air but this plan couldn't be accomplished because this feature wasn't perfectly ready for public usage until now. Based on some sources, we can definitely expect the feature to come with the 12.9 inch iPad. The side-by-side app viewing feature gives the iPad the ability to display two different apps side-by-side and it will support 1/2, 1/3, 2/3 views depending on the apps. Another feature to be seen on the iPad pro is the support for multiple users feat

These Smartphones Will Receive 50% Discount on Jumia Megathon Event

Jumia Megathon Conference started held on the 25th of June was a great success, the atmosphere was amazing and the overall ambience of excitement was top-notch. The event which took place at the MTN headquarters, Golden Plaza, Falomo, Ikoyi, Lagos saw a high number of invited guests. Jumia Marketing Department head Mr Johnathan started by introducing the C.E.O of Jumia Africa, he gave a speech on the growth of smartphones in Nigeria. According to Jumia Africa C.E.O, 85% of Nigerians use mobile phone (smartphones) than rest of other African countries. He also mention that Nigeria has the highest internet users than Germany, France, and United Kingdom through the use of smartphones. Through smartphones Entrepreneurship has really expand in Nigeria. Examples of illustration he use was a fish seller (woman) that use her smartphone to advertise various types of fishes she sells through the internet via her smartphone. MTN Marketing Department head, Mr Richard Iweanoge, explained

iPhone 6S: All That We Know So Far

Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony etc., made their moves, now it's time for Apple to make theirs. And as we all know, the next move is the iPhone 6S. Many rumors have been going around lately, starting from the specs, to the design but most of all what everyone wants to know is, when it's going to be launched? In the last weeks a lot rumors have been around that the iPhone 6S will be launched in august, a month earlier than the usual launch time for Apple smartphones although that timing isn't confirmed yet. It's best to believe that this phone will be launched in September just like Apple has done previously. A more interesting question is "What we to expect from the Apple WWDC 2015 conference starting June 8th? Is it only the announcement of iPhone 6S, new 12"iPad, iOS 9 or even more? Based on rumors currently flying on the web, iPad pro, iOS 9, iPhone 6S and Beats Music would be unveiled at the WWDC 2015 event.  Speaking of iPhone 6S, there are indeed

Infinix Zero 2 Specifications and Features

Infinix is set to release one of their most anticipated smartphone for 2015 - The Infinix Zero 2. Already marketing campaign is on-going on social media and other areas, there is little that is known of this smartphone's specifications and features until now and we have detailed it below. Build and Dimensions Infinix zero is a beautiful looking smartphone, one that was well designed and manufactured. It is square shaped, with great flush; more like the predecessor but with a thinner form factor. It has dimensions 140 x 70 x 6.7mm, and weighs 118g. Therefore, it is easy on the hand and doesn't feel heavy at all. In fact one hand operation is a breeze! especially with all the buttons (volume and power) being on one side. Also, the back case of the Infinix Zero 2 is made of Kevlar, a super strong and lightweight material manufactured by DuPont in the US and usually used in making body armors.  Network and SIM Infinix Zero 2 comes with 2 micro SIM card slots eliminat

Shazam Now Usable on Android Wear Smartwatch

The age of wearable computers is here and still in its infancy. Google's Android Wear platform, and Apple Watch OS are battling to be consumers favorite. What will eventually decide the winner is the availability of useful apps for smartwatches. Shazam, the popular music and video discovery company have recently released their Shazam app for Android Wear smartwatches. The app which is seen on the Moto 360 smartwatch looks and functions very well. The app allows you to know which song is playing without the need to look at your smartphone. Already tagged songs can also be viewed from the smartwatch including lyrics of currently playing music. To download Shazam for android wear, just download the Shazam app on your android smartphone and the app will appear on your smartwatch within minutes. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for more smartphone gist

Jumia Mobile Week Megathon Sales With Huge Discount Unveiled

Jumia, the online retail store that has taken Nigeria retail and shopping industry by the balls is at it again. Every now and then Jumia Nigeria comes up with deals that give mouth watering discounts on products that are already affordable to the Nigerian consumers however, this time around, Jumia Nigeria have decided to up the game with a new sales event coming up June 1st - 7th known as the  Jumia Mobile Week Megathon 2015.  The Jumia Mobile week Megathon 2015 starting on June 1st 2015 is an online sales event majorly for smartphone shoppers. Prices of smartphones will be heavily discounted. As revealed to us, discounts will be as high as 70% on selected products. Because this even is for a very short time, 6 days to be specific, the competition will be high, devices will get sold out fast, therefore shoppers are highly advised to be ready to start buying once the events starts. Furthermore, users of the Jumia mobile app will get access to the deals hours before it shows up

Asus Zenfone 2 , specifications, price and features

Today, ASUS launched their newest 4GB affordable smartphone, the ASUS Zenfone 2.  Asus Zenfone 2 comes up with 2 versions: The first version has a 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage that costs $299, and the cheaper version which costs $199 and has 2GB of RAM with 16GB of storage.  Beside the fact that this is the first phone with 4GB of RAM,  what makes this phone so special and different from other android devices is the fact that its running a 2.3 GHz 64 bit - Intel atom processor 3580 ( the cheaper version is 1.8 GHz).  This is a phablet sized phone with a display of 5.5 inch, 1920 x 1080 resolution (403 PPI), and corning Gorilla Glass 3 for screen strength.  Zenfone 2 has a 3000mAh removable battery however, the general consensus is that this phone battery life runs down quicker than expected, perhaps because Intel Atom processor is not a low power usage processor, which is one of the negative things about this phone. The good news is that due to its fast charging (boost master)

Do You Agree With These Smartphone Statistics

Mobile Phones have evolved since the discovery of Integrated Circuits commonly known as ICs. Now phones have become so powerful and efficient in doing a lot of things, hence the term "smartphones". Almost everyone now own a smartphone and for various reasons too. A questionnaire was sent out by Jumia to which I received one to figure out the answers to questions like: What does your smartphone do for you? How do you use it? How much do you spend on one app? What's your favorite app? Etc.  These and many other questions were asked by Jumia with the targeted audience obviously being Nigerians and the image below gave an interesting summary of the replies all of the people that partook in the questionnaire. You can download the image and expand so you can better see the figures. After a careful look at the replies by others who took the questionnaire, it was apparent that Android Operating System is the mobile platform dominating in Nigerian and that BlackBerry Mes

Leading Smartphone Company In Nigeria Chart

When it comes to the sales of smartphones in Africa, Nigeria is one of those countries to be reckoned with. In fact it is reported that global smartphone shipments places Nigeria and other emerging markets as leaders in the sub-sector, accounting for over 50 per cent of the total market shares. In Nigeria, many smartphone manufacturers are intensely competing for customers including Infinix Mobility, a newer player in the field. Although new, Infinix Mobility is been able to attract a large customer base due to its solid products, extensive promotion and affordable penetrative prices method that eventually reduced the market share of competitors.  In March 2015 alone, Infinix Hot, a low end smartphone tops the low-end smartphones table sold as shown in the image above. The sellout for this device was incredible and when the April chart of low-end devices sold comes out it is very likely that Infinix Hot would come out tops if the already indications are to considered.  

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Specifications and Features Leaked (IMAGES)

Rumors from a while ago suggested that there will be a new improved version of the latest Samsung Galaxy S6, seem to be true.  About two days ago, first leaked images of the Samsung s6 surfaced online.  Based on the images, we can notice that this is a rugged version of the Galaxy S6, as expected based on the previous Samsung S5 active version.  The speakers are now at the front.  There are two other buttons on both sides of the home button. (photo credit: GSM Arena) The leaked images also suggest that the Samsung S6 Active is a 5.1-inch QHD Super AMOLED display.  Based on rumors, the Samsung S6 Active may come with an Exynos 720 chip with a 3GB of RAM on board just like the Samsung S6 and running Android Lollipop.  The 16MP rear camera and 5MP front camera are of the same quality as that of the newly announced Samsung S6.  One great news that will excite the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active users is the fact that it will have a much better battery life thanks to the increased 3500 mA