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How to Control Your PS4 With Infinix Zero 2 Smartphone

One of the things I find easy to do one my Infinix Zero 2 is sending a Facebook friends request for fellow PS4 owners  and also to control the PS4 with my phone when not having the game with me. To control your PS4 with your android phone, follow these steps. 1. Go to the Play Store and download the PlayStation App  2. Make sure your PS4 is on and then scroll to Settings menu and then scroll to PlayStation App Connection Settings. 3. Click on Add Device 4. On your android device, you will see your PS4, type in the 8 digits connection code 5. Once connected, You will be able to see your profile and other information  6. Click on Connect to PS4 at the bottom of the screen and then click on Second Screen  7. You can now control your PS4 with your Android device by tapping on any of the control menus on your phone screen. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for more smartphone news.

How To Root Infinix Zero 2 with One Click

I know  a lot of  Android users can not do without rooting their devices. One of the reason to root is to have full access to the device settings. The tutorial below will help you root your Infinix Zero 2 aka 509 without any issues. Please before you undertake any rooting procedure, make sure you backup your files and important files on your smartphone. Procedure 1. The first thing is to go to and let it auto scroll to the page where you can select the "secure download" option. 2. Transfer the downloaded apk file to your smartphone to a folder you can easily locate. 3. Go to settings, and click on About phone, tap on Build Number seven times to enable developer options. 4. Once Developer option is enabled, go to the apk you downloaded and install it. 5. Once installed, launch the Kingo ROOT and when presented with the Do not install this app warning, click on the check box that says "I understand and still want to install i