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Super Secure Android Smartphone Built

Boeing, the successful aircraft manufacturing company have decided to venture into making smartphones; but, not your ordinary kind of smartphones -- the ones that are very rear and made for government agencies and personnel that are highly security conscious --The Boeing Black Super Secure Smartphone. The Boeing Black super secure smartphone doesn't come with all the spec overkill you would find in a Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone but that of a medium range smartphone. The phone is so secure that if there is any attempt to pry open the phone, all the files will automatically get fried and perhaps blow up on your face (that last part is a joke). The smartphone comes with a 1.2GHz quad core ARM Cortex9 processor running inside of it, PDMI port, MicroSD slot, 4.3 inch display and a highly modified Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2. According to Boeing, the security features of the device include the following: Android™ Operating System : Convenient smartphone for Androi

BlackBerry: New BBM Will Increase File Transfer Limit Above 6mb

I love using BBM for chatting, its very good but when it comes to sending files, i abhor BBM. One of the issues I have with it is that it has a size limit of 6mb before you can transfer file. That means, if you want to transfer a high res image of 6.5mb, you wont be able to use BBM for such transfer to your contact. Well, it looks like BlackBerry have seen the light, heard the thoughts of her users and have decided to release a new BlackBerry messenger that would increase the 6mb transfer limit as seen in the tweet below. Currently, Whatsapp, have a transfer limit of 12mb which we even think its small. Therefore, we expect that BlackBerry will beat the Whatsapp transfer limit and make BBM limit somewhere around 15-20mb. The announcement which came from Jeff Gadway is highly welcomed and we are looking forward to the next BBM update that will see the transfer size limit increased. Like our Facebook page and follow us on twitter for more smartphone news.

Samsung Galaxy F Series Smartphones Unveiling

Samsung have lifted the veil off the Samsung Galaxy S5 in a less noisy way to the world. Although, the North Korean based company have added good numbers of new features and enhancements to the device, yet, a few number of folks are unsatisfied with the device -- and this is especially because of the plastic casing that the S5 comes with. It would be untrue to state that not so many people are looking forward to a metallic, high premium finish Samsung Galaxy S5 and so when Samsung unveiled the SG S5 in another plastic form factor; spirits were dampened; however, all hope are not lost. Recent reports have been leaked detailing how some high Samsung executives were discussing a way to unveil a new line of Samsung galaxy devices known as the Samsung F series during the MWC 2014 in Barcelona.  Apparently, the new line F series launch needs to be big so that the fan base would be high. Perhaps, it may be a reason why the Samsung Galaxy S5 unveiling was a little ebbed dow

How To Make A Stock ROM of MediaTek Android Phones

Have you ever bricked  your MediaTek android phone before and just need to get your hands on a stock ROM for your device type? If yes, then this guide will teach you on how to create a stock ROM for your device if you have a friend that has the same device as yours. I have done a stock ROM backup for a brand new Tecno S3 smartphone: the download link will be provided at the bottom of this post. Requirements 1. Download MTK Droid Root & Tools v2.5.1 here 2. Windows PC 3. Rooted MediaTek device. (you can root with eroot if the device has android 4.0 and above) Procedures 1. First thing is to root your MediaTek Android device 2. Second step would be to download and install the MTK Droid tools 3. Now connect your rooted phone to the computer and let it be detected by the MTK tools 4. Note the colour at the bottom of  the droid tool. It has to be green. if its not, click on Root located at the bottom right of the MTK page. 5. It will prompt you,

How To Install VCOM Drivers For MediaTek Android Phones

One of the reasons why you would need VCOM drivers for MediaTek devices is when you want to flash or reload the ROM of a MediaTek android phone. It is very pertinent that the vcom drivers are present before sp flash tool can begin flashing ROM for the device. Therefore, I am going to show you how to install this important driver. Requirements 1. Download MediaTek VCOM driver for your device here 2. MediaTek powered android phone 3. Good working USB Cable 4. A Windows computer. Procedures 1. Download the vcom driver for your device type. In the downloaded vcom drivers above, you would notice that there are drivers for different devices. If your phone is an Infinix Alpha for example, you would need the MT6589 vcom driver. 2. Extract the content of the zipped file to its individual folders as shown in the image 3. Click on installdrv.exe and let it install. If it asks you any question, just install anyway. 4. Now open Device Manager which you can find t

Goophone S5 is a Samsung Galaxy S5 Carbon Copy But Cost Just $300

After watching the Samsung Galaxy S5 launching and seeing the features and specifications of the S5 device, I was impressed but I was also aware that to buy the phone off contract unlocked, I will have to shell out a good amount of money. Perhaps you have though about it too and money is usually the problem, Well, Goophone wants to solve that problem for many people in that category. Samsung Galaxy S5 was unveiled just 3 days ago and Goophone have come up with an extremely look alike of the Samsung flagship phone. In fact, if you do not pay very close attention to the Goophone S5, you would pass it as a true Samsung Galaxy S5 except that Goophone S5 is written at the back of the device. The Goophone S5 comes with a 5" 1080p 1920 x 1080 display with very brilliant colour and comes shipped with a 2GHz MediaTek MT6592 octa-core processor and 2GB RAM on-board. Also the Goophone S5 manufacturers decided to put in a 32GB storage on the device and an external SD card

How To transfer Your game apk + data from Your Android to Another Android Phone

Recently, I felt a strong urge to play Real Racing 3 game on my Android tab instead on my Infinix Alpha android smartphone. The thing is I don't want to download the 809mb size game on my tab 'cause I don't have that time, so I  improvised and got it working finally. Perhaps, you are looking at doing the same thing; may be from phone to phone or phone to tab. Regardless of the convention, there is a very easy way to get it done. Many ways have been suggested in achieving this. One way is to use Carbon (Helium) App Sync and Backup but there are issues with it and can be very slow. This method is faster. To achieve your aim, follow the following steps: We shall assume that you are trying to transfer Real Racing 3 to your tablet Steps 1. Download and install Titanium Backup app and install on both devices. You can install on one device and then use Flashshare or myappsharer to transfer the Titanuim apk to your other device. Also transfer RR3 apk to your tab.

Samsung Galaxy S5 versus Samsng Galaxy S4: Specs Comparison

Now that Samsung have unveiled their flagship phone, a lot of folks would start looking for cash, making savings and getting ready to replace their Android phone as soon as Samsung Galaxy S5 becomes available for purchase in April 11th. However, would the extra cash needed to be spent on the S5 totally worth it especially if you are currently using a Samsung Galaxy S4? Find out below.   The S5 is a great device; with fingerprint scanner, heart monitor and other forms of "effizy" that was packed into the device but not so many a people would to some extent require all the overkill in the new device which will be commensurate to the price of the device. Therefore, its important to quickly give a brief comparison of the New Samsung S5 and the old S4 which the guys over at Redmondpie put together. From the table above, it should be easy for anyone to decide whether they would be upgrading their Samsung S4 to S5 or not.  The S5 is not due for sale till April

Finally; Samsung Galaxy S5 (IMAGES)

The anticipation to see what the new and the next Samsung flagship smartphone would look like have built up since the announcement was made late last year. The device which is supposed to be revealed at the Samsung Unpacked Event 5 at the Mobile World Congress today in Barcelona was very much leaked to the wild: we are talking of the original thing and we have pictures to show you below.     According to the pictures above, this Samsung Galaxy S5 is still plastic and not the metallic bezel free version that have flooded the internet. What we do know is  that at the unveiling, we will see what extraordinary thing that Samsung has packed into the device. Stay close as we bring you more images, specs and features of the Samsung Galaxy S5 when its officially unveiled. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for more smartphone news and info.

Nokia Annouces Nokia X, X+ and XL At The MWC (Images)

We know that Nokia was set to release an Android Nokia phone called Nokia Normandy (Nokia X) but we never knew that Nokia had in fact three types of the phone ready to be released in Q2 2014 until it was unveiled at the MWC. The three new Nokia Android phones are known as Nokia X, Nokia XL and Nokia X+: all with different features and specs to meet the needs of various groups of people. We've waited for something for so long; an Android Nokia phone, but again, we are glad that its finally a reality.  As you may  have known by now, this version of Android on the Nokia X+, XL and X is known as a forked Android; which has a very strong integration with the Windows Phone OS - in fact its like the amalgamation of Windows Phone OS and Android OS. Specifications Nokia X, X+ and XL are gorgeous devices with nice specs. While both X and X+ are lower end devices, the XL packs a punch than the former two. Nokia X and X+ are 4 inch devices with mid-range specs with 4 inch di

Finally, Windows Phone Gets BBM

BlackBerry released BBM for both Android and iOS devices last year which was a welcomed development for those that love the platform; However, the Windows Phone OS platform was left out of that development but not anymore. BBM4ALL is now truly BBM4ALL platforms as noted by John Sims who said and i quote “BBM continues to grow in popularity as millions of people use our mobile platform for chatting and connecting with friends or colleagues, and we are very excited that we will soon welcome Windows Phone and Nokia X users to the BBM community,” Furthermore, Bryan Biniak, Vice President and GM of Developer Relations, Nokia Corporation added that “Today marks an exciting moment for Nokia. By bringing BBM to the Windows Phone and Nokia X communities, our customers will be able to experience this popular global messaging app.” Users of Windows Phone devices have often protested on social media sites on the need to have BBM on their devices too and finally B

5 Things To Expect From Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Mobile is doing a good job with the "S" series line of smartphones. It is the product that have made Samsung Mobile what it is today. The standard that Samsung created with the S4 needs to be surpassed ever than before in the S5. Based on all the info we have had the opportunity to gather so far, we can tell you the following specs and features that you should be expecting on the soon to be unveiled Samsung Galaxy S5 come 24th February 2014 at the Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona. Body and Screen As far as the rumors are, Samsung Galaxy S5 will have a metal body unlike its predecessors. This rumor may be true; however, what we do know is that there is a possibility for Samsung to release both metallic and plastic version of the S5. Samsung is generally known for releasing variants of t he same device so it won't be out of place to see the device released in both metallic and plastic form. The S5 will be sleeker and lighter than the

How to Play Gameboy Games on iOS Devices

Gameboy games can now be played on your iPhone and iPad with ease with the new GBA4iOS 2.0 Gameboy emulator. Earlier this week it was reported that a new emulator for gameboy will be released for iOS devices that wont required the need to jailbreak the iOS device. Yesterday 19th February, that emulator was released in the form of GBA4iOS 2.0 which is now available for installation. The GBA4iOS 2.0 emulator supports iPad, iOS 7 controller support and Dropbox integration and doesn't require any form of jailbreak. Using the new emulation, gamers can play ROMs for Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Colour and original game boy games without any hassles. Knowing how strict Apple can be with emulators, the creators have decided to allow interested persons to download the GBA4iOS 2.0 emulator from their website directly on the iOS device and NOT from the Apple App Store. If you're interested in playing your favorite Gameboy games on iOS, visit this link to download the emula

Facebook Acquires Whatsapp For $16 Billion

A rumor long ago was that Facebook and Google were bidding to buy Whatsapp for an unquoted price. The rumor was later dispelled and the matter became of the past. However, this time, Facebook have agreed to acquire Whatsapp, the social messaging company/app for $16 Billion: this is not a rumor as it was confirmed by Facebook. According to Facebook, the $16 billion will include $4 billion in cash and about $12 billion worth of Facebook shares. The agreement also provides for an additional $3 billion in restricted stock, to be granted to WhatsApp's founders and employees, that will vest over four years once the deal closes and also see the CEO of Whatsapp joint the board of directors at Facebook. To date, this is the largest buy over that Facebook has done - the deal with Instagram ($715.3 million) doesn't even come close. Facebook says it would keep Whatsapp as a separate entity just like it's doing on Instagram. Like our Facebook page and follow