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Reality of 2013 For Apple Users and Technology Industry

First of all I will congratulate you all by saying a happy new year. I will go straight to the point by saying that as of 2013 we do know that there is no jailbreak for A5 devices on iOS 6 wether tethered or untethered. Also, there is only tethered jailbreak for A4 devices running iOS 6. Only old bootrom 3GS on iOS 6 can be jailbroken untethered. Since September that iOS 6 was released there is still no luck for it to be released for newer devices. There may be mo jailbreak for newer Apple devices running iOS 6 ad its been said that iOS 6.1 IS even more secured than 6.0.1. Furthermore, as of this writing, Hackulous is no longer existing which means that Installous isn't available to download anymore from Cydia. Consequently, anyone with a newly jailbroken iDevice won't be able to install Installous on their devices. Another reality is that is also no more functioning and that means that you can't download cracked illegal apps via that channel. I wil

Hackulous and Installous Has Been Shutdown

Installous which is one of the most popular apps for iPhone users created by the Hackulo Team Which has graced the home screen of our iPhones since the first generation of iPhone has shutdown. Information reaching us today says that installous has shutdown and will not be available anymore. Take a look at the images to see for yourself. What does this mean for jailbreakers? It means that those that have cracked applications on their devices may not be able to get updates for such apps through installous. Also, those that wants to test out an app before making purchase won't be able to do that via installous also. Furthermore, AppSync for higher iOS' will not be available anymore. In fact, I go on and on to tell you what this situation mean but it will suffice to say that Installous have done well since its creation and have served well. Although, puy0 is somehow trying to be dumb in the excuse he gave ( shown belo) Guys, Apple would be happy and developers also with thes

How To By-pass Apple's 50mb App restriction When Downloading Apps From App Store Without wifi

If you are like me that sometimes download large files via mobile phones especially from my Blackberry, iPhone and Android phone without wifi, then you would have encountered a scenario where you intend to download a file of 70mb from the Apple App Store but denied. Sometimes i don't know why there cant be a feature that would allow you choose to restrict or unrestrict download limit. For BB and Android, there isn't no limit but on iPhone you would get a statement telling you that you can't download files larger than 50mb with network data and that you should switch to wifi before you can make such downloads. The same happens if you choose to download books from iBook Store. To circumvent this unwarranted limitation placed by Apple, you will need to jailbreak your device and install an app from Cydia. The name of this app is called 3G unrestrictor 5.0.1. When downloaded from the Cydia, you will need to add App Store to the apps you wish to enable 3G Unrestrictor for. T

Blackberry Tips and Shorcut

For me, shortcut combination on PC is something I use a lot. Most smartphones don't have this feature to allow you get things done fast or type fast using abbreviated text. The blackberry is an exception to this because it contains huge amount of shortcut codes and combinations. You can access safe mode etc. Below is a small list of the shortcut combination for the Blackberry device. SPECIAL CODES: To be done at the home screen 1. Hard reset without removing battery = press & hold 'alt+right aA' then press 'del 2. Displays phone properties and vital OS information = press & hold 'alt+left aA' then press 'del' 3. Displays log files = press & hold 'alt' then press lglg SPECIAL CODES: To be done in a text editor 1. Displays device pin = mypin 2. Displays device time = lt 3. Displays device model & OS version = myver 4. Displays day, date & year = ld 5. Go to "Options", click on "Device", click on &

Ultrabook Convertible: The New Line Of Laptop Computer

With the speed at which smartphones and tablets are released to the stores these days, it would be difficult to keep up and of course get confused as to what device to buy. In fact, it is more difficult to make a choice when it comes to the purchase of a tablet or laptop computer since these two devices are becoming more alike e.g the new Windows Surface. The brains at Intel have recognize these increasing difficulty in making choices and have decided to create a new line of products known as Ultrabook Convertible. Ultrabook convertible is a device that can function both as a laptop and or a tablet. It s slick and compact. This means that it is light weight, with touch screen just like a tablet and also can be flipped open as you would do a laptop with embedded keyboard, webcam, HDMI, VGA $ USB ports, Disc drive and Memory card reader. Honestly, if you are having difficulty in choosing a tablet over a laptop, then your worries are over. Other features of this device is that it pa

Blackberry 10: Features and Images

Updated: Blackberry 10 is the smartphone that many blackberry fans are earnestly looking forward to see early next year, precisely Jan 30th. With so much secrecy and hype, this device seem to be the one that will bounce back the company to life. Research In Motion have not given so much info into the specification of this anticipated device. However, with the images surfacing on the Internet recently and the tests that have been conducted on this device, it seems as though RIM is going to be a strong contender in the smartphone industry in 2013. There are different types of the device 1. Blackberry 10 Aplha 2. Blavckberry 10 L - Series Based on tests recently carried out, the browser speed of Blackberry 10 out performed both iOS and Windows Phone 8. The browser will be in HTML5 and will be super fast. Also, all messages will be in one place with single swipe to reveal all messages. Furthermore, a new photo editor known as time shift allows you to go back in time to select and

How To Update Your Blackberry OS Simplified

How to update your blackberry OS One common task that smartphone owners would always like to do issue updating of new operating system for their devices. Blackberry device owners can update their device by following the step by step guide below. Please make sure you back up your device before doing this. Needed Items 1. Internet Connection 2. A computer 3. Blackberry Desktop Manager software installed on the computer 4. Connection cable 5. New operating system higher than the one installed on your device. Assuming you have all needed items, proceed as detailed below. Step 1 Download the blackberry desktop manager onto your computer and install it. Once installed, launch it Step 2 Plug in your device into the computer and let it install the drivers needed for your desktop manager to identify your phone. Step 3 Download the new Operating System you want on your phone to the computer and install it. Step 4 Once you have installed the new OS int

Best 6 Games of 2012 for iOS & Android Devices

When it comes to smartphones games, there are terrible cheap games and there are Excellent and stunning games. Look below for the best 6 games of 2012 on iOS and Android devices. Playing games is one of my hobbies and when deciding to play a game, story line, graphics and sound effects of the game are my deciding factors for choosing the game I intend to play. Obviously, there are more than enough games being released to the App Store for 2012 and it would be impossible to play all of them. However, there are quite a few games that stand out of the crowd due to the excellent gameplay & story line, stunning graphics and wonderful sound effects. Consequently, I have decided to put together best 6 games of 2012 which I believe that you would agree with me that these games are just awesome. They are not arrange in no particular in terms of quality.. 1. N.O.V.A 3 This is a very interesting game with awesome graphics and story line. Its not too different from HALO on Xbox.

How To Make Your Blackberry Perform Faster

Its really annoying when a smartphone lags and hangs. One particular smartphone that have such issue is the Blackberry device. I have used an Android device and am currently using an iOS device and non of this phones hangs and lags like the blackberry device. While this is an issue from RIM, users also have their own addition to the problem. Hopefully, Blackberry 10 will not have this issue of lagging and hanging. However, there are ways to reduce how often this hanging and lagging happens. Just follow these few tips offered below and you will see considerable change in the performance of your Blackberry device. 1. Phone Logs Phone logs take quite a good number of memory space. For those that make calls a lot, the problem can even be compounded. This is because call logs stay on their phones like forever. Some even have logs of 3years. Anyways, take the time to delete your call logs, both missed, received and made calls. 2. Messages Messages - SMS, BBM, Whatsap

Google Maps For iPhone 5 and iOS6

Finally, the long wait to enjoy excellent and accurate maps on iPhone 5 and iOS 6 is now over. The big G has finally released their popular Google maps for iPhone 5 and iOS 6 devices. This can be downloaded from the App Store and it's of course free. Since the removal of Google maps from iOS 6 by Apple and replaced with its own offering, there had been criticism from every side due to inaccurate destination that it provides. Well, finally, those on iOS 6 and iPhone 5 can now enjoy accurate and well established mapping app of Google Maps. It's features are as awesome as you would expect from the big G mapping app. It has voice guided navigation Turn by turn navigation Local Search Street view Transit view and more The truth is, no matter how much Apple try to polish their Map app, it won't be as robust and reliable as the Google maps. So, head over to the App Store and get yourself the Google maps that will take you to your destinations safely. It's only a

How To Turn Windows Computer To a Internet Hot Spot

When Windows 8 preview was released, I immediately tried my hands on few things that I use regularly. Although i was somewhat disappointed that some features that were easy to locate in Windows 7 are now harder to locate. Example is the Safe Mode & Safe Mode With Command Prompt feature. Another feature that wasn't functioning well is the ability to make my other gadgets browse the internet using my computer's internet connection. However, since the release of the full version of  Win 8, more features have been a challenge to access. If  you are like me that sometimes share internet connection from your PC to other devices, then there are quite a few apps that allow you achieve this with relative ease. I have tried them and found them useful. 1. WiFi HotSpot Creator This is a remarkable application that is easy to use. It allows you to share your LAN connection via a wireless hot spot. The best part it is light and free of charge. Should you download and launch this

How To Bluetooth Files From iOS Devices to Other Devices

One of the issues that many users of Apple devices have been plagued with is the inability of their devices to pair and transfer files with other Bluetooth devices from other phone or electronic device manufacturers. Personally, it sucks to see other phones e.g Blackberry, Android and even old generation devices pair and transfer files while mine is just there looking like zombie. I still do not understand the reason for the Cupertino company to limit the Bluetooth connectivity from other devices with their devices. Even some have issues turning on Bluetooth on thier iOS devices let alone connect. However, there had been solutions to this issue that have allowed users to be able to pair and receive files between an iPhone and a Nokia phone, Android device etc. Below are examples of such apps that have been able to solve these Bluetooth issues. Note that all these apps can only be found through Cydia and can only work on jailbroken devices and selected iOS versions 1. iBluetooth

How To Minimise Data Usage on A Smartphone

Using a smartphone is a beautiful thing. You have so many applications installed, most running in the background. The ability for smartphones to multitask compared to other phones gives it the superior edge over other kinds of phones. However, this multitask feature has its drawback. One notable drawback is the consumption of battery power depending on the amount of applications running in the background. Another thing is the consistent usage of internet data plan for notifications, not to mention the bigger screens with brighter backlights and better browsers that these devices are embedded with which consumes battery and data. Take for example, an iPhone 4 and a Nokia X2. Both devices have the capability to connect to the internet and surf it. However, when you open up say on the Nokia, it won't display like when you open the same webpage on the iPhone 4. Consequently the iPhone will consumed more data compared to the Nokia phone. On the other hand, browser ex

Facebook Acquires Whatsapp

There is one thing that Facebook and Whatsapp have in common: They are both social messeaging app that cut across all devices be it Nokia, iPhone, and Android devices. There is also one thing that they don't have in common: Facebook believes in income generation via ads while Whatsapp do not believe in income generation via ads . Whatsapp which is one of the apps that have seen positive usage since its inception in 2009 have been able to provide messaging services to countless number of people all over the world. The app doesn't charge a fee for sending text, audio or video messages, because it uses internet connection. One of the beautiful thing about this app is that it doesn't allow advertisement unlike other social messaging apps. For some devices e.g Blackberry, Whatsapp is free to download while for some devices e.g iPhone it is a paid app. Nevertheless, this small app have continue to rise in popularity and have replaced the usage of SMS for many individuals. I

How To Fix iPhone 3GS Loud Speaker and Dock Connector If its Not Working

Earlier this week, someone brought in his iPhone 3GS to me saying the loud speaker only produces sound when a call comes in. However, when playing music it doesn't function. Earpiece functions well but loud speaker doesn't work. Right there I checked it and found out that it was the dock connector that had problem. I fixed it within 30 minutes. This is how I did it below First, I got my tools ready ( screwdriver, suction cup, replacement dock connector and plunger) and also switched off the device, removed the sim tray along with the sim. Now, remove the 2 screws at the bottom of the phone close to the dock connector. Next you place the suction cup on top the screen firmly with one hand while holding the base of the phone with another hand. Now carefully just pull up the suction cup with little force and the screen will come out. The screen is still attached to the logic box via snap cables so DON'T yank out the screen completely. Next step is to remove all the sn