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Wish Granted: BBM for Android and iPhone

  Blackberry Messenger popularly known as BBM is now making its way to Android and iPhones as earlier announced by the Canadian company CEO Heins. According to the CEO, BBM would be available before the end of summer which translate to before the end of September 2013. This stance was further strengthened by the tweet that was seen on Twitter few hours back as shown in the image below. This strongly suggest that BBM for Android and iPhone may be ready for release sooner than September. A lot of folks can't wait for this to drop. In fact there have been several images on peoples wall showing what the Blackberry Messenger for iPhone and Android would look like. Examples are shown below. Of course these images are just to show how expectant people are but may not be the real deal. As always, we are waiting eagerly for when this would officially hit the App Store of both Android and Apple. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook the be among the f

Job Opportunity

Smartphones are great but just like any other gadgets, they get damaged and needs repairing. There is no super  phone. They all get damaged with time and need fixing. Do you have a skill in troubleshooting and repairing smartphones and mobile devices? Do you enjoy repairing phones but haven't used that hobby to make money? Well here is an opportunity which I happen to find out and sharing with Phonegist readers. A new smartphone store located in Lagos are in need of mobile engineers good with troubleshooting and repairing smartphones and mobile devices etc. Find out the job details below. Position: Mobile Hardware Engineering and Troubleshooting Responsibilities: Troubleshoot phones Fix broken mobile devices Work with software to help cause of broken devices Qualification requirements: A minimum of OND certificate: People that are really good but have School Cert. can apply also. Ability to use computers  Good workmanship skills Lo

New Blackberry Z30 Smartphone Gallery and Video

UPDATE:   I shall not give in to the waters that tends to swallow me, I will swim hard and conquer the waves. I will keep my head up and regain my dignity.  No matter what, Blackberry isn't going to give in to the overwhelming onslaught and competition from brands like Samsung and iPhone. Though Android and iOS have become the two strongest mobile operating system in the world, Blackberry's own OS 10 would still keep making its impact. This you would see in its soon to be released  smartphone called the A10. Even though the Z10 didn't strike much of a cord, it seems as though the Blackberry A10 could strike that cord that the Z10 failed to strike. Blackberry A10 would be called Blackberry Z30 and would have new navigation and customizable home screen. More videos can be seen here Blackberry A10 is a elegantly built device and there is good indication that it would be loved by not only Blackberry lovers but other folks also. Blackberry needs

Alleged Galaxy S4 Explosion Burns Down House

A new report from China quickly made headlines news. This was as a result of a devastating explosion from smartphone according to the Chinese news agency The rate at which smartphones are exploding in China is becoming worrisome. Its becoming like a horror movie now.  Two weeks ago, a young Chinese woman was electrocuted when making calls with her iPhone 4, few days later, a 30 year old Chinese man was shocked to coma while using his iPhone.  This time around, a young Chinese man got his house burnt while allegedly playing a game on his Samsung Galaxy S4. According to this man, Mr Du, he was playing a game on his Samsung Galaxy S4 when it suddenly exploded into flames. Scared as shit, Mr. Du tossed the flaming phone across the room, where it landed under his flammable sofa and burned the entire apartment down.  Thankfully, Mr. Du and his wife made it out of their Hong Kong apartment alive and no one was hurt by the exploding Galaxy S4. Du says that

Apple Releases iOS 7 beta 4 to Developers With New Added Features

Apple have released iOS 7 beta 4 today to its developers.  Although the release should have come before now but perhaps due to the recent security breach in Apple's Developer's website the beta 4 took this long. As always iOS 7 beta 4 can be downloaded directly to your phone by going to the Software Updates section on your phone via Settings menu.   New features and enhancements have been added to those previously seen in beta 3. These new features and enhancements should make iOS 7 even more desirable.  Below is the list of newly added features/enhancements. 1 Lock screen UI tweaked, no longer has confusing up arrow.  2. Call button in phone app, Answer/Decline buttons refreshed. 3. Animations are noticeably faster   4. Minor changes to Spotlight UI 5. New ‘completed uploads’ option in Notification Center. 6. In Messages, it now only shows the first letter of the last name of the person you’re chatting with. 7. HDR On/Off button rel

How To Never Run Out of Battery Power On Your Smartphone or Gadgets Again

There is a way to never lose power on your smartphone, making sure your smartphone battery never runs dry. What if I told you that I only plug my devices to mains power about once in 3 days even when I heavily use them? Everyone knows that even as technology is advancing at a super-fast rate, one area that has not really advanced to the level it should have is Battery. Phones have gotten slicker and better over the years, screens, memory, hardware and operating system have gotten better as time progresses, however, battery used in powering these devices haven't gotten any big upgrade. Batteries are very important in our age. Well, one way to make sure that your device is usable and doesn't die on you is to have the battery charged and have a way of recharging when you are not close to electricity. Enter Power Banks. A lot of power banks these days are inferior and can even damage battery or device. Some are not capable of charging some d

Tecno Smartphone Naming System

It is not news any longer on how well Tecno phones are faring in the Nigerian market.  One of the things that have helped in securing a strong footing is the price tag and of course the hard work of the marketing department. One thing that have come to my notice is the naming system of their devices that Tecno is employing. As of today, we know that Tecno now has High, Medium and Low end devices and have been clasified in a way that is easily placed by using numbers. The classes of Tecno devices for now include the 7, 1 & 5, 3, and 9. Class 7 : High End This represents high end devices in the smartphone category. This we saw when Tecno N7 and F7 were released earlier this year. These devices were highly successful in market sales and were most expensive, with the N7 selling between 29 - 30,000 Naira, while the newest Tecno Phantom F7 is being sold for 34 - 36,000 Naira. Class 1 & Class 5: Medium End This class represents the medium end smartphone

How To Unbrick Tecno F7 Smartphone

About a week ago, a friend rooted his Tecno Phantom A smartphone. He was so excited about the endless possibilities to customize his device so he kept installing a lot of applications that caught his attention unaware of the dangers some apps can create on rooted smartphones. Finally, he installed an application called Font Changer Lite and that was when it all happened. After installing this app, his phone attempted to reboot and instead of booting normally, the phone froze at the Tecno logo. It wasn’t going passed that state. He couldn’t boot into his phone. Practically, his phone was bricked and had to look for a way to unbrick and use his phone again. If you are presently in the same limbo state as described, please follow the instructions below step by step to fix your device. I recommend reading through first before actually starting the process. Kudos to Seunpayne of Nairaland for uploading his files for download and also giving instructions on the usage.